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I can't play with my guild anymore?


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I play on Maguuma, go ahead and talk trash everyone else seems to.

  • As a pug I see the entire Maguuma server as my Team/ guild.
  • I joined a wvw guild who I always pugged with and made closer friends because of this "restructuring"
  • Except now I can't even play with them in the same match-up... I guess they were ET.. why is this a thing? I thought the point was the guilds would stick together?
  • Also my team chat is no longer in English what I can understand in Spanish is all of the badmouthing of Maguuma which makes me want to log out even more.
  • I can't even transfer to my guilds server without being dinged $10 in gems and lose 2 weeks of rewards.

Actually I am logging out... This whole thing just feels like punishment

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I mean there is really nothing to complain about.

If you join a guild that is not on your server you know what is going to happen on the next relinking.

But it's not like you can't follow them when they are on ET, since ET is not full just high go tranfer for 1000 gems (around 260g).

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You joined a WvW guild that isn't on your server and someone else is punishing you? Is this satire?

Sounds like you have the best of both situations. You're on a server that you see as your team/guild, so nothing changes for you until the Alliances button is pressed for good. When that happens, you've already set yourself up in a WvW guild so you're good to go then, too.

I don't see an issue.

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I may be naive but I take the OP as a new player that doesn’t understand the link system, and got into WvW as they may have heard about alliances.


If they joined before the beta, with the intent of being part of an alliance, and didn’t understand they were on a link, it WOULD be a little disconcerting with a relink.  

To the OP:  Alliances has not taken effect yet.  There was a brief Beta that some people prepped for.  Likely we will see at least one other beta prior to actual full launch


Until then, the ‘link’ system still is in effect.  

Not sure if Maguuma is still an open server, but you may be able to transfer to it for the remaining months we are waiting for alliances.

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Just ask the guild for help transfering. The sub-300g cost is easily provided by a guild, considering that even single players can put out that kind of gold every few days. You don't have to use real money to transfer.


Transfer the day the matchup ends (before it ends), and you'll only lose one week of rewards.


And people badmouth Maguuma because they're zergy farmers, many of them with dedicated farming builds meant to secure massive numbers of enemy kills (bags) even if the same players have been killed a thousand times already and are at a severe disadvantage.


They also tend to ignore their Borderlands which makes life harsh on their PUGs that just want to defend their objectives, which has made the situation spiral into even more farming as their roamers and defenders transfer away, leaving only players with similar mindsets behind.


That's why they lose matchups and fall down tiers despite not really losing individual fights. Because WvW isn't about farming bags its about fighting to take, secure and defend objectives (besides SMC, I mean).


Trust me, transfer off of Maguuma. You'll find real fights that aren't farms and you won't regret it.

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