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Level-up Bug

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I had a bug happening multible times while leveling up a character:

sometimes when I level up nothing happens. No animation, no reward.

I relog, and find myself set back about one third of the level, meaning the last 10-15 min of ep gathering

just did not count. Very annoying.

Regaining those ep then usually results in normal level up.

pls fix this. thx!

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i may have found the reason. there are those glowing spots that release a trail of volatail magic when you activate them with the skyscale. Collecting those gives a ton of ep but it seems the ep do not really count but get added to the exp-bar. then when the bar is full it gets confused, resulting in this problem. i tried it today, and after relog it seems that the same amount of exp i collected with volatail magic got erased.

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