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Multiple Accounts - Account Verification Blocked (Anti-Spam Phone Number)

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So, I have been running into this frustrating issue in which I have multiple accounts that need to be "verified" quite frequently.  This is most likely due to my internet provider changing my IP quite frequently.  The issue isn't the verification itself; I am setup to have text on all of the accounts, and it comes through seamlessly.  The issue is that when I check "Remember my PC", it does not, infact, remember my PC; it only remembers my IP Address.  In addition to having to do this quite often, I am also running into some kind of 'anti-spam' for text verifications on the ANet Side.  I can get through roughly 5 accounts, but after that, it seems that I will no longer receive texts because of the anti-spam.


This is quite frustrating as 1) the "Remember My PC" option does not remember the PC, only the IP, and 2) I am blocked from accessing content that I paid for due to limits on texts per phone number.


Can this be updated to limit the amount of SMS texts per account, rather than phone number?  Is there a way around this?

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Total number of IPv4 addresses are not enough for all the devices connected to Internet in the world that's why ISPs are using Cgnat system, as a result your IP is dynamic and on constant change (usually on each modem reboot) in the pool. This is normal and if you want to have static IP you can contact your ISP to hire one but that will add extra fee to your monthly bill. Alternatively and in the context of Gw2 you can install an auth app in phone or PC to have 2fa code to minimize the impact.

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