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[Bug report] Guardian greatswords #2, #3 and #5 (with videos)

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  • 2 months later...

Greetings, fellow Dragonhunters,

recently, I've started to notice that my character doesn't seem to conclude the full cycle of strikes when I use Whirling Wrath (Greatsword skill #2). The animation seems noticeably shorter most of the time, like it interrupts itself before it's finished, and the number of strikes appear accordingly less.

Anyone else noticed this?

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1 hour ago, Infusion.7149 said:

So I tested this in Mistlock and it hit 8 times on normal idle golem on combat log, you cannot stand inside the hitbox on this.
Huge hitbox in aerodrome, standing in hitbox I hit 12-14 times.

I'm talking about a different feel in a live environment compared to before the Wintersday patch, not standing still and hitting an inanimate object, though.

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Yes, it has been like this for some time.

It's most noticeable in WvW for me when some skill lag is going on, if you push GS #2 it often wont cast, and so you press it again and it will cast, but because of the lag and delay the second push causes the skill to cancel for some reason. I have also had times where I know skill lag has been taking place so I will push #2 and will be 100% sure not to press it twice or another skill and will still get canceled mid cast. It also happens on empty maps as well with no skill lag, just far less often, still 100% annoying however.



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7 hours ago, aelska.4609 said:

Oh Gods, yes! So I am not imagining things!

I have noticed Greatsword skill 3 being out of control for a long time (which is why I avoid using it in certain situations, like raid fights on platforms, where it can catapult you off the platform when you fly by your target and kill you instantly), and 5 often missing, too -- but skill 2 I have not noticed until recently. 😢

Eek, that's terrible! 😱How many more game-affecting bugs will ANet hoard until they finally fix them?? (*coughs* "Gravity." *coughs*)

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  • Ashantara.8731 changed the title to Whirling Wrath (and other Guardian Greatsword skills) totally buggy

If I jump off a mount and quickly try to use the Greatsword skill #2 (Whirling Wrath) it shows the animation but does no damage. I have to wait at least 2-3 seconds before using that attack when dismounting - and I'm not one for slow attacks, I hit as quick as possible, so this can matter in certain situations though I know a couple seconds isn't much.

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  • 4 months later...

It's now May, 2022-- and I'm very sorry to say that there are still problems with Guardian's greatsword skills. Binding Blade #5 rarely works; it's great when it does, but I wish it would be fixed so I could really rely on it. Wrathful Strike #1 often takes multiple tries to get it to activate; often, I'm left just standing there-- thinking that I should be swinging my greatsword, but nothing is happening. ..... I'm a fan of Guardian, and have played it since its earliest time. I only recently started using a greatsword, though, and I love it-- when it works. So, this message is an earnest request to please fix it. Thanks in advance!

Forgot to also mention: Leap of Faith #3-- When the target is downhill, the skill swings in the air above the target and does nothing when the target is finally reached downhill. 😕

Guardian greatsword still needs work!

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