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What is this effect?

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Can someone identify where this effect comes from? 

The blue/pink/purple aura around my character, kinda leaves trails as i walk.


I don't mind it, it looks kinda nice, but i'm just trying to figure out where it's from.

I don't have any werid infusions on this character, and the only other visible infusion is on my main, the Raid ones, purple circles or something, they don't look anything like this.


There's smoke coming from the pipe, wayfarer's henge has that lightning/glow on it, but if i remove it, the aura effect stays on.


This is a Tempest character, is it maybe from some tempest effect?

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2 minutes ago, Eramonster.2718 said:

Aurora Legendary trinket.

Oh wow, you're right! 😄

Thank you!


This was the only thing i didn't remove, the trinkets, because i didn't think they could have effects! 

I thought Aurora only did the floaty balls, never knew it had a passive not in combat effect too!

Pretty cool!

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