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Looking for new guild memebers.


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I am once again asking for your support.

 We are brand new and are looking for members who want to  grind out and be a part of establishing OUR guild. We are heavily PVP oriented , also we run and help in all PVE aspects. Once we acquire more members we plan on getting into WVW. This guild is for the casual and the sweats, the dry and the wets, the droids and the Boba  Fett's, at the end of the day the guild is what you make it, so make Lethargic Apocalypse great again.

We are on every night.
Monday - Friday:  08:00pm - XX:XX  est 
Weekends: grind time.

Guild Rules: No Rules.
What to expect.
Heavy Profanity use. (some of us are USMC vets)
NSFW discussion.
if you're not of thick skin, you're not a good fit.


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