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Harrier + Zealot Heal Scrapper for Fractals


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A little something I've been trying out lately. I run the typical heal scrapper set up, but Instead of Pistol/Shield I run hammer, and slot in just enough zealot's gear that I'm still able provide permenant quickness uptime to my group. 


My expeirences so far have been positive. The combination of shredder Gyro and your hammer skills provide good burst damage on trash pulls, and breakbar phases. The way I see it, the extra burst and CC from hammer outweighs the prot/cleansing you get from shield. And Pistol is dead weight on a power build. Why reduce mob damage by 33% when you can lock them down, effectively reducing their damge to 0, then cycle between daze finishers, Flash shell for AoE blindness, and Shredder toolbelt for additional CC. 

The extra barrier generation from hammer dps also helps me stay alive more easily, which is a plus. 

This also doubles as a good bruiser build for Open world/Soloing purposes. Slot out Inventions for Explosives for some extra fury and ferocity. The healing power scaling on Big boomer is very impressive on top of all of your other sources of sustain, and should keep you rolling quite comfortably. 

Moving into the more exprimental side of things. There may be potential in an Explosives/Inventions varient. 

A hybrid between heal and dps scrapper. The main synergy being used here is Big Boomer + Medical dispersion field. This is a nice chunky heal on top of your regen, and it does not require your allies to stand inside your fields. This is nice during more mobile encounters. You can upkep it easily with Electro Whirl, Blast Gyro, and your Mortar kit skills.

You will also provide gain more  vuln, which is a massive dps increase for your entire party if your other members cannot provide it. Explosvie modifiers are a large dps increse for yourself. Both in tandem means more barrier and an easier clear overall. 


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Right now the healbrand is a strong orthodoxy in fractals. If you bring any other healer into T4s or beyond that's a red flag to other practiced players. Most of the time I can't get other players break orthodoxy by bringing boon strip let alone tolerate an off color healer. I wish you luck, but i wouldn't hold my breath.

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I am doing fractals with a friend everyday, she plays minstrel scrapper, she heals better than most hfbs but the might uptime is poor ofc, but i saw none of the players we found in lfg crying yet.
Some are just like "interesting" or "strange" but when they stay and see that scrapper is nice in fractals, we all end up with our reward chests and without any trouble.

Basically every healer can go in fractals, tempest, druid.....but if you are not scrapper you should search for a qfb instead of 1 dps to get the quickness. So 1 healer, 1 alac, 1 qfb, 2dps (or 1 dps and 1 bs). With scrapper you have quickness so its still 1 scrapper, 1 alac, 3 dps (or 2 dps and 1 bs).

The only healers i saw in fractals yet are scrapper and hfb, thats bc of the quickness. Its just not useful to lose 1 dps for having a qfb when you could simple just use hfb.

Druid just cant provide quickness and tempest boons r poor anyway. Thats why we r not seeing them often in fractals...or me never tbh.
But i saw heal scrappers sometimes in fractals. They all did a good job.

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