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The new halloween Guild Hall decorations are awesome: Stairs!


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There are in total, if I'm not wrong, 4 new decorations: 🙂

3 are stairs, the ones used in dement clocktower/ around LA mystic cauldron. Turn to right, Straight, Turn to left. (Foreground of the screenshot)

Names of Decos:

-Shattered Stairway

-Skewed Stairway (left)

-Skewed Stairway (right)

1 is a circular lantern platform, again, the one used in dement clocktower / LA mystic cauldron.

Name: -Unchained Platform


What is really cool here, is firstly: STAIRS. Thank you Anet, no more a pain to make stairs with Metal tiles from raid fun room nor stacking jade blocks!

Secondly, those metal stairs and platform, in addition of former year dement clocktower gears allow players to build their own Dement clocktower replica/training in their guild hall. Sure the clocktower in itself is missing, but still you can create a very fun Halloween jumping puzzle now 😄


About materials? Well, 10 pumpkin each so understand 1000 candies each , 30 darksteel ingots, some fabulous/pristine halloween foods like best nougat center and the famous finishing kit. Dunno if expensive, but to make those 4 decorations , I spent ~20g at the moment i speak, so around 5g a decoration, pretty accessible imho. Saw worst in term of cost.



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Just checking to see what new decorations people have found this year.

Looks like there are only 4 new ones this year, not sure on a 5th.


Unchained platform

Skewed Stairway (left)

Skewed Stairway (right)

Shattered Stairway


edit: and of course i still can't delete my posts. 😞 With a little more thorough searching i see there was already a post on this. You can delete this one anet 😄

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1 hour ago, Randulf.7614 said:

Stupid question, but stairs you can walk up right? Not just objects shaped like them?

yeah, you can "climb", walk on them like on a regular stair. Definitely economizing decorations, 1 now instead of 10 metal tiles.

Yeah, lantern from last year, edited the post.

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