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Launcher doesn't work properly after the new build

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After starting the launcher, the cycle turns for few seconds. After that, the launcher is gone and the main window doesn't come up.

I am not able to click the log-in bottom as my launcher didn't show that part to me.

How can I log-in to join Halloween?


Thank you very much.

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Same exact thing here, last time i had to delete the game and re-install, so i deleted the game this time only now the install launcher is doing the exact same thing so i cant even re-install game now.

I will add i have never had dx11 checkmarked and tried the -dx9 and -repair command, and deleting dat file, nothing worked.

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Just got home from work after having the game launcher, and then install launcher only run for 1 second and then closing. I totally uninstalled, deleted all content and reinstalled and then the installer wouldn't even stay running. Finally got it working and got the game installed and was able to play for a couple hours yesterday.

Now i get home today and the game launcher is doing the same exact thing. Please don't tell me I'm going to have to completely uninstall and reinstall every single time y'all make an update. This is beyond maddening at this point. I open up the game on my P.O.S.  laptop and it allows me to login and play on a character, it's just the laptop is from 2013 and can't run the game (even being an alienware)

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On my computer, this issue solved for a while after the staff said people were looking into it.

I was able to log-in the day before yesterday and yesterday.


But now it was the same.

What happened when I opened the launcher earlier was that it started to download something.

After this download, the launcher restarted itself.

Since then, it was always "downloading 0%" and the circle turns for few seconds then gone.


I put the guildwars 2 fold in the exception of Trends basing on other posts when this happened during beta few weeks ago.

I didn't move it out and this also doesn't seem to affect how the launcher works.

Between yesterday when it still worked and today it doesn't work, I didn't change anything in my system.

The only change is that launcher download something when it was first started today and then it's not working anymore.


Thank you very much for your investigation.




Update after several tries:


Now I get in.

What happened to the launcher was that it closed itself several times, but there was this one time it started to download something again.

After this download, the log-in panel showed up and also it started to download a new patch. When the log-in window showed up, it looks like it is just working normally.

So, in my experience, restart the windows sometimes helps. But I think what makes the difference is that if the launcher can smoothly finish the thing it is downloading and open the log-in panel as it designs to be.

Hope this gives the tech team some idea about how to fix this issue for people who still stuck with the launcher.



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I'm having similar issues. Since the Halloween update the game doesn't launcher doesn't. I use trend & have GW2 in the exception list.

Initially I restarted my computer, then magically everything worked as normal. Same thing happened yesterday, although it took a few attempts before the launcher worked.

Today, same thing except I haven't yet managed to get the launcher to work.

Appreciate if this could be looked at asap! 

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