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[Sound Bug] SAB weapons, no sounds on some weapons.

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Noticed recently on my Revenant that my SAB sword & axe make no sounds when attacking or using skills. I tested this on other classes & weapons and sure enough no sounds on those either. This can manifest in completely silent or greatly reduced volume skills with some classes. Swapping skins to anything else brings back attacking sounds.

Tested unsheath and sheath SAB sound with the bugged weapons and those still play.

Warhorn, Pistol and Rifle seem to be the only ones unnaffected and play their attack sounds fine. (probably much to the annoyance of some players :P)

Very noticeable on Revenant and Thief with Shortbow and Sword as they basically cast silent or almost silent skills.

Haven't tested glitched skins as I have only one of those but will ask for help later tonight to test it.


I really enjoy using the SAB skins as I enjoy the sounds they make, which I know probably puts me in the minority. I hope this can be fixed at some point 🙂


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