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Ranger Pet Stow bug is back

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I was just writing this when notified you'd already posted here with this annoying bug.

To help clarify:

When the character dismounts using a damage skill 'key 1' the pet does not activate if damage to NPCs occurs (ie: stowed) and cannot be activated until out of combat.

If damage occurs after the pet has already activated such as with a Skyscale key 1, then the pet activates.

If the character enters soulbeast while in this condition and then exits soulbeast, the pet will be activated.

This happens in both open world and WvW using a warclaw, basically a big nerf for WvW soulbeast players.

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It also stows when I get transformed, and then transform back, for costume brawl, which happens a lot now during halloween season. The bug has been happening on and off for years, but for the past couple of days it has become to ubiquitous that my pet is stowed with no chance to activate than it is not.

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Wanted to add to this that it's not just a Soulbeast issue.... Core and Untamed have this exact issue and has never been resolved. It's most notable when dismounting or going in and out of the water. 2/3rds the time I have to launch my aqua pet the moment I hit the water. I've definitely been killed several times coming out of the water in WvW because hey, no pet. As of 11/10/2022 this is still present as a bug for me.

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