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Making Mini-Map bigger than sliding allows?

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Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone figured out a way to make the mini-map larger than the (corner)sliding provides ingame?
Reasoning behind it is playing on a 34" or 49" (1440 or 2160p) monitor makes the mini-map way too small and I really struggle with it.

It doesn't allign with the size of the monitor, in all honesty..

Thank you for your time


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You could try changing the interface size and/or setting dpi scaling on/off in graphic settings to see if it makes any difference. Can't remeber what settings I use but my monitor is 35" 1440p widescreen one.
I agree the minimap is kinda small hence why I mostly use M key for world map if I need to check my surroundings. The minimap is handy to see gathering nodes nearby (and the time) but not much else.

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