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2v2 build changes in between matches


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Hi, funny thing happened to me (well, not so funny).

I accidentaly swapped a weapon with my ele after winning a first round (whyy is this possible), which I noticed just before of starting the next one, and when we lost the second round I wanted to swap the set back but I could not because I was dead and I was not able to figure out how/where to do so, I had tried hero and PvP build panels but with no luck..

So was it me and it is possible or it is currently set only to winning team to change their builds?


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Thank you, I think I was trying it in "PvP Build" panel just in a wrong time 🙂

If someone needs a hand - if you want to change your build you need to wait until a round is over (ready check appears), then go to "PvP Build" panel and press "Swap Weapon Sets" arrows - your current weapon set is highlighted by subtle gold borders; for skills go for "Equipment" tab there.

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