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Now if we can get an announcement for the banning of the bot accounts

Crab Fear.1624

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"And we saw a message in the abyss. The creators of Tyria spoke words that could not be heard, but the message was delivered. And it lay waste to the deceivers and the defrauders and their thinking machines, so that survivors may wander the road, and that they will not be able to lament their punishments from surrogate positions"

-Trevorlations 4:20

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banning bots is a complete waste of time. they need to figure out how to give rewards other then gold that players want. or maybe write a simple program that tracks accounts that play 24/7 or that do the exact same movements every match. maybe not so simple but would save them tons of time. i'm sure they've thought of this already but didn't consider it to be worth their time, i mean i'm just some kitten and i've already come up with 2 solutions.

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