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is the GW1 servers down? Lost HoM achievements again.

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So i just tried to login GW1 after getting the Anet mail stating you lost blah blah title, which is basically titles and achievements from GW1. Usually when i login gw1 it fixes it after i relog back in gw2, but for some reason it says i could not log in my GW1 account (which is the same for gw2) at the moment error 70 or something.  I haven't really played gw1 since gw2 came out for having no reason to play it, what's wrong with it now?

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Same here.  I logged in to GW2 and had an in-game mail waiting informing me that I was incorrectly awarded the title of GWAMM (which I've had since before launch of GW2).  Tried logging in to GW and got the message "Guild Wars was unable to complete the operation.  Please try again in a few minutes.  (Code = 057)".

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