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[Item-Bug] Superior Rune of Speed

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Today i was buying 6 Superior Runes of Speed and expected a way higher Movement-Speed.

But i got disappointed. So i made a little Test to see what the actual Movement-Speed gain is from that rune:

Therefore i positioned myself on the Entrace to this Map and i will just walk the way up with the active Buff and see how far i get.


This rune is a scam.

The Buff itself says that i will reach 99% Movement Speed.

Good Joke. The Buff Duration is 19 1/4 Seconds.

Screenshot 1


That's how far i got:

*also the buff itself still says 33%*

Screenshot 2


Let's test it again without the full Set Buff should we?

The Buff now says that it will reach 33% Movement Speed.

The Buff Duration is 17 Seconds.

Screenshot 3


Thats how far i got:

Screenshot 4


As you can see, the only real distance between those tries are the additional 2 1/4 Seconds of walking straight.

This rune does not give any Movement at all

And that sucks for it's expensive Price of 4 Gold 50 Silver per Rune (27 Gold in all)

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The Rune is not bugged.


What is bugged though is the tooltip for Swiftness in combination with this Rune as it should state  66% increased movement speed instead of the displayed 99%.

This is already long known though:



For your testing of the Rune:

Outside of Combat you rarely will notice the effect of the Rune as there is  cap on movement speed



Outside of Combat the default movememt speed is 294 units per second

The absolute cap for movement speed (on foot) is 400 u/s


That means effectively that outside of combat (without any movement impairing debuffs affecting you) any movementspeed increase above 36% will yield no addition effect as it would exceed the absolute cap.


In combat your default movement speed is 210 u/s.

So in combat (without movement impairing condition) movement buffs till up to 90% will have an effect.


So if you want to test the effectivenss of Rune you either have to do so while in combat, or while affected by movement impairing conditions, to be able to notice a difference




edit1: fixed the links

edit2: fixed some typos



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So if 294 u/s is the default movement speed and 400 u/s is the max, why even bother telling the player in such a complicated way?
Just change the tooltips of the buff and the tooltip of the rune to make it clear that the Buff increases your movement speed to the maximum (outside combat) and the rune is just helpful inside combats.

It's still a scam like letting you use ferrari on a roadway but you can't drive faster then 30 mp/h. You literally need to give warnings on coffee that it may be hot if you don't want to be sued.

Guess online fantasy worlds do not guarantee

buyer protection service

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ :classic_tongue:

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