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Win Trade Bans, why it took so long?

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What's sick is that Anet employee(s) knew about this and gave certain individuals special treatment. 


This is not new. This is not a secret. I commented on a thread but it got deleted. 


It's just a group of greedy individuals who feel special, entitled and elite over a dying game mode. If you think about it, they are horribly clever to sell titles to people in need of an ego-boost. They found a niche market they can fool.


On one of the threads, a dude sounded desperate for money. Then another guy proudly referred to himself as a dirtbag, or something like that. I read and saw many videos and streams of fake self-righteous wintraders ridicule other players whom they feel are beneath them. They even screw each other over. I'm sure this sort of thing happens in gaming but this is the dirtiest I've witnessed. It's toxic AF. 


Don't thank Anet for banning the accounts. They've known about this behavior for YEARS and were incredibly short-sighted for allowing this without assessing how it will damage their reputation. Hope the bosses at NC Soft were made aware of Anet allowing self confessed "dirtbags" to take a massive dump on their property while repelling the already small player base. It could also be possible that they just gave up on the mode entirely and didn't give kitten. 


The ones with the most integrity are the casual pvpers who are competitive. Flame me all you want, heck, even defend the actions of these people. It will just shine a light on your character as there is nothing redeeming with what they're doing. These guys aren't "cool" lol. More than anything, I feel sorry for them for putting so much time, tampering the game mode, ruining others' progress for what, $10K, $20K, $50K, $100K (in aggregate)  





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Exposure and reactions the video cought is the reason Anet chose to act. LUL I mean even Teapot could not not comment on it this time as well. Heck even he cant defend his exposed pvp friends who were engaged in these acts for so long. Cant turn away from it this time. 

that's the power of views of the count of 13500 and still going up just on YT alone. Cant standby no more and have to quell the hustle and appease the cries of the community now before it blows up even more.
cowardly and doesnt inspire any confidence. I mean LUL that scumbag Miaze inspires more confidence than Anet's polices in moderating their own game. 

Dont bother. It isn't getting much better. 

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Vallun seems like a nice guy and not sleazy at all. He responds to my comments on YT and even created a video on anxiety playing competitive games. I doubt he's part of the "circuit"

His game name sound like Valium and that's what I feel I'm on when I watch him. So soothing, his voice. 

Didn't this OP have an emotional/mental breakdown on the forum. It's ok, I like he/she/it and  seems they have always something intelligent to say sans that breakdown post that made me LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

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Forgot to mention OP :)
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On 10/10/2021 at 12:06 AM, Filip.7463 said:

Bec no one was caring and still no one cares

anet is ok with it as long as it can be hidden from most of population


I'll tell you one thing, Anet moderators "cared" enough that they deleted our comments on a certain thread. I think that was months ago before any of the beta classes were released.  And yes you revealed some names. I agreed with some but the other name you mentioned, not so much. He's actually legit and gains nothing from win trading. It's true no one cares but it's blatantly irresponsible for the devs taking this long to take action.

We know who the whistle blower is and he was probably inspired by the mess at FB. Glad he did it. 

Anet would never listen to the rest of the player base though, like you said /implied

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Is it me or doesn't the OP and that Filip dude come across as know-it-alls? OP had weird breakdown. Filip guy always having arguments with others on forum coz he judges ppl and doesn't understand full story or lack understanding and vague. 

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44 minutes ago, Terrorsquad.2349 said:

Besides the youtube clip and these forums, was there anything else?
Just wondering, would love to check it out



The article is just reacting to the original video that got big.  But hitting gaming news definitely force Anets hand. 

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53 minutes ago, Abyssisis.3971 said:

The culture at anet allowed win trading to happen for years… Did anet suddenly change their culture? No, so don’t expect the win trading by these players to stop till anet changes their culture. 

Yes I mentioned something along those lines in the past and my posts got deleted and forum access suspended. 


Company culture  makes huge a impact on how the player base and prospective player base "tallies" your game and a culture of favoritism and nepotism just alienates the user base. It's creates an unfair environment where TOS is exempted to certain individuals yet enforced on everyone else. 

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Because we are at expansion release and it would make the game look bad if they had done nothing about it


This is the only reason


After exp release ppl will be free to exploit whatever they want for more 3-4 years, assuming we having more expansions

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