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Is Ranger is having a simaler issue that Necro did or is it just me?

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Getting old have reported this a week ago and the Ranger still loses pets when you mount then dismount. Most use the mount to initiate the attack expecting their pet to be there and Nope it is not then you have to kill whatever before you can open. This has to be tied to the inability to swap pets in combat like we used to be able to do. No idea why that was taken away as we all know Ranger is one of if not the weakest class.

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this bug was introduced when they changed the soulbeast dynamics (cannot swap pets during fights).

when you use the attack skill of your mount you instantly go into combat mode. when the game tries to restore your pet its handled like a pet swap which is blocked because you are in combat. thats the reason the attack skill from the dragon scale still works - it takes a bit until the flame field is up to set you in combat - enough to restore your pet.

they fixed it a few weeks after the soul beast change. perhaps they unintentionally reset this fix with the halloween event and it will get back after the event.

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