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[Website] [Firefox] Site is displaying broken images and failing to load HTML.

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Hello when accessing portions of the site I get a page of broken HTML. None of the formatting or images load and the site is becomes impossible to navigate. I've mainly encountered this on the page to pre-purchase the upcoming End of Dragons.

The steps I've tried this on both Linux and Windows machines. I have the most up to date version of Firefox I've also tried it with and without an ad-blocker.

Current version of Firefox: 93.0 64-bit

go to Guildwars2.com
click on shop, just shop and not any of the sub-menu items

click on any of the 3 game prompts and the site breaks down.


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The resources on buy.guildwars2.com are mostly hosted by digitalriver.com. Higher security settings / tracking protection and certain ad-block filters will block these resources from loading, resulting in text only page with minimal formatting. Firefox in private mode or set to strict under privacy & security will cause this.

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