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Need help with removing my 2fa. Support tickets giving me the runaround

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So, I'm in a situation where I have a new phone number and am transitioning to new internet. When the old internet is terminated, I'll be permanently locked out of my 6.4k hour account until support removes the existing 2 factor authentication with my old phone number. 


But I can't work the support site at all. I'm not even convinced it's possible to work it. Logging in to the Support brings me to my account page. Tickets can't be submitted from there. My login doesn't carry over to the Support, and any attempt to log in just brings me back to my account page in an endless, disfunctional loop. I've only been able to submit my tickets anonymously and manually enter in all of my account information. This means that I can't check my tickets to even know if they have been followed up on. I'm incredibly frustrated. 

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You get updates via e-mail whenever your ticket gets a reply. Be sure to use a valid and working e-mail address and check it's spam folder to be certain.


You will need to prove account ownership, for example with CD-keys or purchase transaction information. Be sure to have those ready whenever a support employee asks for it.

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