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(NA) Looking For an LGBTQ+ Guild


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Hello! I was wondering if there was any active LGBTQ+ Guilds on the game? I'm not looking for anything in specific, just a nice community to hang out with that is full of friendly people to chat with that are also LGBTQ or LGBTQ friendly that is active!


For some general info about me, I've been playing Gw2 relatively actively since September, 2012, only disappearing for ~1 year to focus on school (conveniently during LWS1, which I ended up missing). I'm on the Devona's Rest server if that is important. I've played through all of the story and mostly play PvE. I dabble in WvW every so often if I need to make a legendary or to play with a couple friends. I don't PvP too incredibly often but I do if I have friends to tag along with (although I get ultra salty if I lose constantly xD). I'm not too knowledgeable on the lore of the game but I have been trying to get into it and try to understand some of the lore that is important to the story. I am able to run up to some T3 Fractals with my Firebrand and Some T2 Fractals with my Tempest. As mentioned in the title, I play on NA in the EST time zone and I'm more active later in the day after work and my college classes but I can be seen online earlier in the day if I don't have work. or college classes to attend.


Feel free to message me on here by replying to this post or via mail in-game with more information if your guild would be a good fit for me! :)

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Hey rjohn! I'm part of the guild RoH and it sounds like we may be a good fit for you since you mentioned you're looking for an inclusive environment. Check out our website if you'd like more details or feel free to pm me with any questions. We do have a trial period, but it's super chill, and means we focus more on quality members rather than quantity (plus we keep the trolls out better that way). 😉  https://www.remnantsofhope.com/review/gw2/

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I'm the guild leader of Synergy and am a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Check us out: 

Synergy is a guild started by some friends with a goal to create a small community of friendly players. We aren’t interested in having 500 members where no one knows anyone else. We are currently playing Guild Wars 2 primarily on the Jade Quarry server.

For Guild Wars 2, we participate both PvE and organized PvP in both WvWvW and structured PvP. Most of us have been gaming together since the days before Guild Wars 1 and continue to do so. Because of our long-standing community, you will find that it is an atmosphere where everyone knows each other and learns to play well as a well-oiled machine, hence the name Synergy.

What we provide:
• Dedicated Raiding Team(s)
• Focus on Living Story achievements
• Chance to play with friendly players
• Active Discord
• Strong leadership with two PvE officers and two PvP/WvW officers to back up our leader.
• Scheduled events including Dungeons such as high-end fractals and the like.
• Assistance with farming legendary items or various other things.
NA server
• Level 63 Guild Hall and rising.

Officer positions available for:

PvE – with a focus on fractals/raids/dungeons
WvW – need experienced commanders
PvP - structured focus

What we expect:

• 18 and up preferably
• Have a working Mic and Discord preferred
• Have a sense of humor but realize things may not always be PG13
• Attributes of a team player with a good attitude.

To join or if you have any questions feel free to PM or in-game mail myself or one of our officers listed below.

Guild Leader and Recruitment Officers:

• Aeromu.9134 in game or Aeromu#8031 on Discord
• Brawson.4701

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Hey there! Refuge of the Divine [DIVA] is recruiting members! We are a LGBTQ+ guild (allies always welcome) looking for players, new and old, who are seeking a close knit guild. Active in all parts of the game, attendance in discord is required for events however a mic is not. 18+ only. We really want people to get to know the crew we currently have and those that we find along the way! We also have a lot of outside game activities. Other game guild night, movie night with the guild (we stream over discord) and more. If you're interested please feel free to add me and shoot a whisper with any questions or if you would like an invite!

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