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A gentle nudge for an update on WvW following the recent beta


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This is a gentle nudge and followup on the promise of a post-mortem update on what happened in the last WvW beta.

Having worked in IT across most parts of software delivery I know internal pressures can and do take priority sometimes. So I'm not trying to be *that* guy. The last update we had stated an understanding of what had happened within the development teams, and am sure that steps have been taken to move that forward.

Hopefully there's some indication on when the next beta might take place as well, but wouldn't want anything to be held back just for that.

Thanks for listening.

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notsure what u want to tell us. i suppose most people know that the swapped out dev teams make it complicated to code, plus some infamous old "spaghetti code" may not help.


we expected things to go wrong, maybe not that wrong after all the bold "data collected during the past weeks" claims. but ye, it was a beta after all. real alliances is important to keep wvw alive, but also other structural workovers on Wvw would be necessary.


like, the longterm goal and reward things are a central factor.


ppl want something new, especially those who played yet countless of hours and have several Wvw accounts even. and something new isn't dmg coefficient nerftides to make the game more stale, or some kitten deadnerfed mount like the warclaw. like okay, we learnt to deal with it, yet it still messes up certain mechanics like group movement.

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At least a roughly estimate of when they could give a second try to this beta would be nice, since the first beta was hyped for weeks (about a big feature hyped for years), but then it lasted literally 2 hours and then lol jk rollback, and we haven't heard anything ever since.

Edit: just saw the last post on the WwW beta subforum, shame on me.

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For anyone that has missed it there is a blog post from Grouch that will be released (currently going through the translation and release process), expected to be available early next week.

My best psychic debugging guess is that there is a lot of (old) special code that protects WvW instances from duplication, and something in the beta tripped that up. We did get a matchup, but with enough issues present then the focus would not be on the quality of the matchup (which is where Anet are looking for, and do need, our feedback).

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