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Gortho, Son of Mailk event has been bugged all day. [Merged]

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  • 8 months later...

Come on Anet... just plug him in as a permanent vendor so people can buy the whistle. It's bugged AGAIN.

Grostogg's Kraal Is fine. Gortho is in the town, the bridge isn't broken. There are no events to complete. He's just there. Can't talk to him.

Get it to together for Pete's sake...

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  • Forum Moderator.3419 changed the title to Gortho, Son of Mailk event has been bugged all day. [Merged]
  • 2 months later...

Sadly it's still an issue. Trying for 2 days now - checking in on him every now and then, two times i was hanging out there for over an hour.

When i've been there for longer all other events nearby started regularly, but he's just standing around doing nothing. There are also always players around him, probably also trying desperately to get this whistle

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Can anyone fix this this issue please? Been here for 2 days, checked for events that are nearby as well to see if there's any issue with events being nearby and Gortho not starting his, that's not the issue sadly.

Pretty frustrating to be kept in place couse of a stupid thing like this.

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  • 3 months later...

Just got back into the game after taking a small break from it and decided it was time to get my Skyscale - but this event still seems to be bugged. I've been stuck at Gortho for about 2 hours now and even tried guesting in another server to check if that would fix this issue, but nope.


All I can hope for now is that it somehow de-bugs and I'll be able to get the gods damned whistle >:(

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