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"This account has been blocked for security purposes"

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Hello my account got blocked with no email explaining why, and I need to speak with technical support about it. I can't log in and send a ticket from my account, so I'm trying to see it someone can reach out through here before I try anonymously. I use GeForce Now, but I thought the issue with banning players using it was fixed, so I'm very lost and confused with what to do. Please help me get my account back. I'm just a normal player.

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5 hours ago, Alrik Steinfaust.7015 said:

I got blocked too yesterday. Still blocked right now. I hope they are working on it. I created a ticket and said I play on Geforce NOW.

I guess Geforce shuffled their outgoing IPs so Anet blocked the new  once automatically. Or they automatically blocked everyone with more than one IP associated to the account.

Got unlocked a few minutes ago. Thanks ANet. I really like their support.


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15 minutes ago, Animando.7956 said:

I just got unlocked now. Took about one day (24h)

So … be patient 😇


I’ll avoid GeForce Now from this day on.

They responded to me too, exactly after one day, but requiring further verification (asking me to send them an email from my email, because the request was sent anonymously since I did not have access to my support account).

I will certainly not avoid GFN as I'm on Mac, and GFN is a very good thing. Instead of spending thousands on computers that become obsolete in 2-3 years I can rent one for 5x that amount of time and enjoy games at the best details on even low end hardware.

If their system keeps being more sensitive than some people on the internet they might start losing customers, because for some (like myself) GFN is the only way how to play the game.

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