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trolling tactics


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I wasn't aware the birthday cake could override food; the original blaster couldn't.

Regardless they need to fix this. Make it so you can't spawn consumables near depots/tacts, or add a prompt when overriding an existing food.

Or just make it so the birthday thing can't override food... why do they find new ways to screw up when things worked fine?

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45 minutes ago, Ashantara.8731 said:

The Platter of Delectable Birthday Cakes has infinite uses, that means trolls can spam a whole area if they so choose. Nothing is cheaper than this, because it's for free and infinite.

I can buy dozens of feasts for silver.


And correct me if I am wrong:  the only people who have access to those feasts have 9 year old characters….


If they have 9 year old characters, they’ve been doing it for years with cheap feasts.


Now at least they have a way to do it and save all of that silver!  

Enemy zergs have been dropping cheap food on tactivators for years….  Being  ‘convenient’ changes nothing.

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