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Still four Bugged Guild Hall Decorations slot in Trophy category


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Since a long time now, there are still 4 Decorations slots displaying https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Category:Item_icons#/media/File:Deleted_Item.png as icon in trophy category.

I kindly ask them to be removed, I can't stand seeing those 4 useless slots that occupy the place of potential REAL decoration.

Second point: Since Heart of Thorn launch, the Gilded banner decoration is accessible! Please fix it! Or remove it! Another bugged slot.

Third point, I heard rumor that this year and last year Halloween added Haunted door decorations but they are accessible nor displayed in the Guild decoration UI, can this also be fixed if it is true?


TLDR: Arenanet, 1-Delete the four Work In Progress decorations in Trophy. 2-Make the gilder banner craftable and placable. 3-If there is indeed an haunted door deco, make it avaialable. Thanks.

Those are needed hot-fixes can't stay like this.

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