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Current State of Mesmer


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1 hour ago, kanorsanity.9752 said:

Hello all,


So thinking of playing my mesmer after a long break.


What is the current state atm and in preparation for EoD?

Are they well popular and used frequently in raids/fractals etc? Or are other proffesions used over them more often?

In raids Mesmer is still strong for a few condi bosses like Escort (towers), Mathias (for reflect + dps/alac), TL (alac/dps) and can still be good in certain comps if the person playing Mesmer is experienced enough to deal with phases and mechanics well. I think most would suggest a new player choose another class for dps or support, but it doesnt mean it can't work. That said, if you have a necro, guardian, engineer, revenant, thief you may have more luck with those in many/most raids to get a squad and be able to fill a role and do well. You can look on Snowcrows.com and Lucky-Noobs.com for raid builds and some info.


In Fractals, fractal 100 is condi so Mes can be good but again not usually/necessarily the best choice for most players as opposed to renegade, necro, ranger, etc. It can work just fine if the group comp is done to make it work and if the person playing Mesmer is very experienced and knows all the phase timing + skill timing and how to be consistent with it all in the face of all the combinations of instabilities you get and a player who can adjust traits/build for each fractal and group comp well, etc, etc. That said, Its NOT meta for fractals, its usually not the best choice for fractals. You can look here for build suggestions. https://discretize.eu/builds


As to what to use instead. If you want to do fractals and raids and be meta and correctly fit into typical meta comp well and do well. Then you want to play Firebrand(general good meta for: dps/cdps, quickness, offhealer), Renegade(good meta for: cdps, alacrity, ok dps), Ranger (druid raids only) for just power dps lots of options and which is best depends on the boss. Basically, yes you can fun mesmer and most groups wont kick you out unless your dps or performance is horrible assuming the comm is running arc, but its really not usually the best choice according to the experts on those sites.

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They do fine but you need to be good at playing the keyboard, there are no rotations that require set-ups except chrono (pretty small one though)

Basically hit skills off cooldown and anticipate attacks, a good rhythm of dodging with weapons swapping to get endurance back. When done well you can stand in the fire with distortion, you can produce massive stun breaks, tones of condition damage at the start of fight. If done poorly you will mostly likely die instantly, rather than your dps being low.

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