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Is there another way to place a marker?

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Hi all.

So far the only way I know how to place a map marker, ( The white star ) is by holding alt and clicking on map.

Is there an easier way to do this with mouse, without using keyboard, or assigning a different key for this?


If not, I'd like to request the option in the controls to add a mouse center button please, or another mouse button.

If the option is there, I can't seem to find it.


Any help?

Thanks in advance.


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  • SoulGuardian.6203 changed the title to Is there another way to place a marker?

There doesn't appear to be a way to change it. For some reason we can't change anything which uses mouse buttons, only the controls which are bound to the keyboard by default, or unbound by default.

Just because I'm curious: why do you want to change it? Why would a way to recenter the mouse be an alternative? I can't work out how those two functions would go together.

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Thank you dani.

I use the map a lot, and so it woul be easier to just click and unclick a marker into place at the press of a mouse button.

I'm a little lazy for the keyboard combo key presses.

We already use right button hold to pan, and left ro access WPs.

So it would be awesome if middle or other button would serve to place markers. 

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