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Foefire Chestguard and Foefire Legwraps Skin - bugged?

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the Foefire chestguard skin is applied along with the leg piece skin of the weist cape (except the legwrap itself) on medium armors, however if the same chestguard is applied to light or heavy it appears alone without the weist cape that appears on medium armor. When using the Legwraps skin on light or heavy armor it appears as the same skin as when using the Chestguard on medium armor.

Medium Chestguard

Medium Legwraps

Light Chestguard

Light Legwraps

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I'm pretty sure this is intended. Medium armors always look like coats/trenchcoats, and it looks like even the cash shop items are no exception. The medium armors that aren't "trenchcoaty" could probably be counted on one hand. Off the top of my head, Krytan Jerkin, Festive Sweater, Rock Band T-shirt, maybe Sneakthief Coat

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yes that is intentional; gotta check the preview's thoroughly for each weight class.


I'd like to see a few tweaks to the look-system in general; one would be less buttflaps in general - or perhaps have their own checkbox for toggling on/off (though with the buttflap being attached to legs/chest piece makes it another step of logic for already existing items).

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You should screen cap the support-ticket calling something like this a bug and post it here, I'd be curious what the anet-forum-response-team would say to that, seeing as even the new canthan armor behaves this way, lol


I'm still a fan of a buttflap armor-checkbox - it would really solve the problem (then we could also select which armor set we want to pull the buttflap from - and further mix-match looks) (it would be a purely cosmetic slot, vs a stat-changing and infusion holding slot)


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