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How to make Cleansing Ire worth using in sPvP

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On 10/14/2021 at 2:01 AM, Shao.7236 said:

It's on hit so you wouldn't get the benefit of Resistance unless they made Adrenaline be spent on cast.

Agreed; my proposed version grants the condi cleanse and resistance on burst use not on burst hit.


On 10/14/2021 at 2:01 AM, Shao.7236 said:

I wanted to suggest Resistance but it's a bit overboard because then you can just hurrdurr burst burst anytime you want and not be punished for being reckless whether you have Weakness or not. It's not particularly difficult to hit someone at the end of an evade, or bait them for that matter, Eviscerate, slow as it is still tracks pretty well.


Traits that ignore Blindness or Remove blindness are not as rare either. Just having immunity to currently applied blindness alone is already a powerful change itself. Finally when you have Resistance, Blindness "does" remain until it's either running out or missing a hit when Resistance wears off. You'd honestly rather having it gone IMO, coming from someone who played a lot of Mallyx.

I see where you're coming from, not wanting to make Warrior just able to spam bursts without thinking.  The trouble is that, for better or worse, Warriors live and die by their burst.  Take away his arcing slice or eviscerate, and the warrior's lost about 50% of his damage output.  Consequently, Warriors are disproportionately affected by condis like blind and weakness.  Warrior needs strong counterplay to classes like thief, mesmer, and necro that can spam one or both of these conditions.  


Granting Resistance on burst use would indeed be strong, but it would not be OP.  Most of Warrior's bursts are highly telegraphed, and you can still block, evade, move out of range, or LOS them.  In other words, there is still plenty of counterplay to Warrior's bursts, even in the absence of blind and weakness.


Moreover, as you pointed out, blindness and weakness would still be on the Warrior and would be effective once the resistance wears off.  That's part of the balance.  The resistance granted is deliberately short-lived; it's meant to help land the burst, not give Warrior complete immunity to blind and weakness.  It's just a short reprieve.

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1 minute ago, Lighter.5631 said:

Cleansing ire already worth more then the other GM traits tho..

its better then stance trait and better then stunbreak trait unless you are running berserker

I'd say that's an argument to strongly buff Last Stand and Rousing Resilience rather than an argument against buffing Cleansing Ire.


I agree with you; Last Stand and RR need some love.  If you're interested, there's some pretty good discussion to be found in the following threads:

Revitalizing Warrior 3: Re-working DEFENSE

Warrior Balance Requests Omnibus

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