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Rev like Legend swapping for elements with dual weapon swapping in combat

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I hope the thread title is understandable, but like the thread title states it's taking the Rev Legend mechanic and applying it to elements. Simply you select your two main elements and those are the elements you'd carry with you into combat and what your weapon and utility skills would reflect, outside of combat they'd be changeable. Switching between those two elements would flow similarly to how Rev switches legends. The added perk is you also get a dual weapon swap, so you'd get 20 weapon skills spread across two elements. Compared to base ele which has 20 weapon skills spread across 4 elements with only 1 weapon.


I think this would fit nicely as an elite specialization and give elementalists a bit more control on what roles and elements they'd like to specialize in.


Probably a bad idea but eh thought I'd put the idea out there anyways. 

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This is a very reasonable idea to improve Ele, but I think it's also reasonable to just do a better job distributing damage across the attunements instead of overconcentrating it on Fire and to a lesser extent Air; they could also just add range to some skills that don't currently have them so you are less forced to stay in melee when using a melee weapon.

Really, IMO, what hurts Ele the most is how weak Earth and especially Water are compared to Fire and Air in terms of generalized combat usefuless (as opposed to heavily specialized builds). There is absolutely no reason they should be so low since the tuning primarily occurs around how you're geared - they both need to be given more normalized power coefficients on their skills.

The terrible damage on the Earth and Water auto-attacks is likely the main reason staff feels bad to play - contrary to what is popularly described as "attunement dancing" - it creates a situation where you are all but forced to camp Fire or Air to maintain reasonable combat efficacy. 

Importantly, this means you sacrifice too much sustained DPS trying to access the utility offered by any attunement other than your primary one, and this is a problem with the core Ele's design that desperately needs to be fixed and circles back to why attunements are an inferior substitute for weapon swapping - the core reason Ele just instinctively feels a little busted.

All in all, though, this would definitely be better than the current status quo.

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