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Legendary warhorn unavailable on only 1 specific character

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Hello, I recently came back to the game and as I started playing more characters I found out that legendary items are now shared to all your characters with the armory. However, I encountered a strange bug. There is one character on my account that cannot see my legendary warhorn Rodgort, not in the wardrobe and not in the legendary armory. This character is my elementalist, traited as tempest. Right now i am using an exotic warhorn that I used before I came back but I would like to use my legendary on this character as well.

Some fixes I tried:

- Unequipping my weapons

- Change to a different trait build (in the trait window, swap from 1 to 2 and back)

- Remove tempest traits and then swap back to tempest traits

Does anyone have any suggestions or is contacting support my only option?

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