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What to do!?

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I've returned recently and really into the game again. I have several characters max level but stopped playing years ago (end of vanilla game). My dilemma is what to do, there is a lot of content to do so im not complaining but overwhelmed, i have no idea where to start. I'm more into PvE and occasional WvW, i brought and played through living world season 4 and set my focus on getting skyscale for now.


Can anyone recommend anything i should focus on playing or anything fun i may have missed?


Thank you.

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Don't miss Return to Icebrood Saga that starts next week. Basically, make sure you log in at least once between two consecutive Tuesdays for the next six weeks.

If you've done Season 4, it means you have Path of Fire? Did you do that too? Did you unlock all the mounts, including griffon?

While we are at it, same question for Heart of Thorn.

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Take a look at your builds (traits/skills) to see what changed, as with years generally come several balance patches. You may find something that used to not be practical for you now is, and the opposite.

If you're looking for ideas to relaunch your interest, achievements generally help players in need of active playing. As a side note : take a look at the bank Wardrobe tab, and see what weapon/armor has been added since your departure, you may find something enough to your liking that it warrants you hunting for it.

Welcome back

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