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Display both Vision and Aurora effects at the same time

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I've just got Vision after getting Aurora a while ago.

I was wondering if it is still possible to display both trinkets effects at the same time, like I've seen on that two years old video:

That doesn't work for me as whatever what I do it displays Vision. Is there a ticking box that I'm missing maybe?

Thanks for your help!

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Aurora, Vision, and Coalescence act as a set for their legendary effects.  What you see depends on how many of those three you have equipped.


Any 1, you get the 4 orbs.

Any 2, you get the 4 bubbles

All 3, you get the black blob in a central orb and 4 connected orbs.


It doesn't matter which ones you have equipped, the effects are totally based on how many of the 3 you have.

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It's probably a bug but a legendary WVW accessory would be a good stopgap as both a sink for emblems and a material sink for people willing to pay just to not have any blobs.

Currently it's a technical issue that you can't turn off the effect so a recipe for no-stat legendary accessory from WVW similar to Conflux would be a way out of that.

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