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Request to make Mad King's Labyrinth Instanced.


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Hello. I came here to ask anet to make Mad King's Labyrinth Instanced.


The reason why i came here to ask this, is because its quite annoying when you are leading a awsome group of 25ish people. and you got all map worked to max profits (timed/sync doors). and some point a troll decides its fun to go into a map with commander open all doors and flee, ruining it for the entired group.


This as happened multiple times tonight, and it really breaks the fun for me.! And it sure made the group have less loot and fun too.


So with this said, I beg of you anet for next year at least, make Mad King's Labyrinth Instanced, like you have for many other places with a public and private option so we can avoid stuff like this.

Its not fun to me to have to repeat my self a thuosand times per night as commander telling people what to do or not and I like my maps to be well organized. and it really sucks when one idiot can screw it up for an entire group.


Anyways will stop ranting . srry a bit for it. and thank you alot for your time. keep up the good work.


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