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The game and world of GW 2

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Hello everyone.

I started playing Guild Wars 2 a few days ago, I'm really enjoying the game so far the world really feels alive, dynamic and always something happening around me.

This isn't meant to be a negative point towards GW2 but having played World of Warcraft once i started my journey here this feels so different, i mean yes it is an MMORPG but compared to WoW it feels so much less stale and alive and much less boring.

The idea in WoW of events are these world quests which mainly serve a farming spots for XP or some kind of rep towards a faction in GW 2 yes you get XP, rewards but they have cool stories into them even some funny ones.


Knowing that probably the most of you have been here for a long time, and for those that played WoW at some point, what are the major differences that you see between these 2 games and if it's the case, what made you switch from  WoW to GW 2?


For me personally, at first i was enjoying so much playing Classic and The Burning Crusade because i never played those versions of the game, i got to understand at least a bit a part of the nostalgia for so many and it was really enjoyable, even the road in Classic, the LONG road to level 60 was refreshing for me compared to the retail version of the game, i guess i was just tired of farming for some kind of "power", or to go into this "infinite dungeon" just to be able to craft my legendary, 1 legendary by farming and grinding through a specific material, as an MMORPG fan, the story plays a big part, WoW has amazing lore in my opinion, some of it unfortunately can be found outside the game, through books or comics.

I was also part of a great guild filled with helpful people, funny individuals and really nice people and when i was around level 68 in Burning Crusade the guild came to an end because people felt the lack of progression in raids, unlike other guilds that were managing to do more than one raid per week and clear it, the guild i was in was having a hard time so they came to the decision that things had to come to a conclusion sadly.

All this, plus the fact that as a Blizzard fan for so many years, i have supported them in every game they made except the first Diablo i have all their games to this game, but seeing and watching the recent events that have been going on i just couldn't keep supporting them, i do believe that human principles are more important than any game.


I have read a little bit just to know a bit about Guild Wars 2 and were it came from and i learned that many of the developers, back in 2012 when the game was launched, they came from Blizzard apparently? Is this true? If so, why the parting of ways? What compelled these people to create the vision that gave birth to GW 2?


As MMORPG's go i tried a few between WoW, like Elder Scrolls Online didn't really caught my attention, Final Fantasy XIV was very good i have over 600 hours in it but i was really looking for a high fantasy game, of course i do love dragons and Guild Wars 2 well i had a chance to try it a long time ago because some of my friends were playing it but at the time i was really sunk into another game and now that i have started it a few days ago it feels like a breath of fresh air, the world so far in the zones i have walked through have a really cool vibe, the music is good in my opinion and i love the art style and the fantasy vibe that the game has been offering but again i wonder this often since the game was released in 2012 and each game is different in terms of development and content influx, am i late to the party? I know that a new expansion is coming but with the name End of Dragons one can wonder if it means that could be the end of the line for GW 2 since i don't really know much about the dev team and how much they care for the game and it's survival and it's thrive as time goes on.


I apologize for the long post but the community here either in game and so far in the forums has been really welcoming and that's a big plus in any game a huge boost.

I really want to stay here and so far i have no reason to feel otherwise, it may feel overwhelming because i'm learning a new game but that's also a big attractive to me to keep pushing forward.


I wish you all a great day.

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The reasons I drifted from WoW to GW2 have less to do with the games themselves and more to do with where I was in life. For me, two of the greatest strengths of GW2 over WoW are the relevance of old content and the epic nature of the open world experience.

Past the current expansion, WoW zones turn into a forlorn wasteland. Because of dynamic level adjustement, dailies, crafting and gearing systems, old content never becomes completely irrelevant in GW2. There is always a good reason to return to an old zone and expect at least a baseline activity from your fellow players.

The large open-world metas that are still popular years after their introduction are also something I do not remember experiencing in WoW.

To give Caesar's his due, WoW does way better instanced content and lends itself more easily to humour.

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On 10/17/2021 at 11:20 AM, Splat.7981 said:

I have read a little bit just to know a bit about Guild Wars 2 and were it came from and i learned that many of the developers, back in 2012 when the game was launched, they came from Blizzard apparently? Is this true? If so, why the parting of ways? What compelled these people to create the vision that gave birth to GW 2?

Yes, ANet founders originally worked on WoW at Blizzard. I do not know details well enough to share with confidence here, but if you try the original GW (it's still out there), you will feel the difference. WoW was always a PvE game first, even if PvP was an important part of its identity. For the original GW, it was the opposite: first and foremost a PvP game that happened to have a good PvE aspect. GW2 is not so PvP-centric as its forebear, but the influence is still felt.

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Todays PvE is kind of watered down, heavily focused on ever since release and has become more separated from WvW. I believe the original "inspiration" wasnt so much WoW as it was DAoC and Warhammer Online with their RvR base. I mean look at ancient scrolls on the interwebs and you'll probably see GW2 described as DAoC 2.

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Do read the quest text.  There's a lot of good writing in the game.  (I'd say the personal story and OG content isn't as good as the living world and last parts, though.) I still play WoW from time to time, and it strikes me how much ArenaNet can do with little.

As to influences, it's very much a product of GW1. That game's a bit tricky to get into if you don't like micromanaging other heroes.  (I really loved that aspect of the game, however.)  You don't need to play GW1 to enjoy GW2, though, but it's weird seeing areas in GW2 after seeing them in GW1.  It adds a sense of deja vu, definitely.

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