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Thank you, ANet, for making the Strike Mission optional


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As someone who does end-game content (strikes, fracs+CMs and raids), I'm glad that ANet made it optional to do the strikes. 7 Clovers is a very nice reward for those who want to do them, but it's not REQUIRED, and I think that's a very good move on ANet's part to keep the playing field relatively level.


Legendaries have no prestige beyond what you personally assign to them since they can be bought, either outright on the TP, by buying the mats necessary to make them, or just paying people to run you through the content. As such, I would advise not caring whether or not other people have Legendaries. Just take pride in your own if you worked for it; that feeling of accomplishment is something nobody can take away.

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18 hours ago, LionZero.3479 said:

Seems this week is the first bonus strike mission that is community gated, newer players wont be able to do this one..

Just because some of the players choose to put higher requirements to join their squad, doesn't suddenly make the whole content "gated for newer players". Literally joined the squad labeled as... "whisper", so 0 requirements about absolutely anything and completed the achievement. Gated content btw.

10 hours ago, mythical.6315 said:

Players can always create their own groups. 

But then how will they complain about not being able to get a group?

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