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Anyway I can block invites from Guilds?

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There have been certain guilds that no matter how many times I decline their invitation, it doesn't take long that I get another invite from them. It's a tad bothersome and I would prefer not to have to go into my guild panel and hit the decline button. Is there any option in Guild Wars 2 where I can check a box that says, "Block all guild invitations"?  

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32 minutes ago, Goettel.4389 said:

Creating just one guild and representing it will do it.

I agree. I've had an empty guild slot for at least a couple of years and I haven't received any unsolicited invites in that time. I think as long as you're representing a guild the people who send spam invites won't target you.

It only costs 1g to create a guild and you don't have to do anything else once you've created it, there's no maintenance requirements or anything.

Incidentally the Wiki says you can only create 2 guilds per week, so you couldn't fill all 5 slots in one go anyway, so it's probably best to make 1 (or 2) and see if that stops the problem and only make more if you really need to.

If it's specific guilds doing it you could also whisper one of the recruiters to tell them you're not interested in joining and to stop inviting you. They might well just be sending invites to anyone they see without a tag and paying no attention at all to who that is, but if not they might be able to remember not to keep inviting you, and to tell the other recruiters the same.

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5 hours ago, Schimmi.6872 said:

Have you only declined the pop up on your screen, or have you also declined the invitation in the guild menu? If it was only the first, it's just the same invitation every time and not a new one.

OP said:  I would prefer not to have to go into my guild panel and hit the decline button

I don't get invitations, but does the pop-up happen in the Guild Panel? 

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