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New ranger elite name keep or change?


Should the new Ranger Elite be named Warden?  

42 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you rather have the spec keep the name Untamed, or rename it to Warden.

    • Yes please rename it to Warden.
    • No keep the Untamed.

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9 hours ago, yoni.7015 said:

Who cares about the name? We don’t really know anything about the spec yet, so how do you know what name is more fitting? Besides that, the gameplay and mechanic is more important than the name.  

I think somebody else summed it up best...all the other elite names are nouns, untamed is an adjective..untamed what? Untamed wolf , untamed mountains, its silly to name something an adjective it has no context, its not a name its a description of a noun. As mentioned above 

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Not the greatest naming but I kinda like it. Keep the Untamed.

Warden, while connected by lore, had afak nothing to do with Animal Companions at all and the word itself doesn't fit what the Untamed appears to be all about.

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