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I did a post talking about professions projectiles, but got removed and also a warn, i dont know why, maybe i did something wrong, someone else did and went out of control, or MAYBE a mod just got salty.


So, why are there so many professions with clunky projectiles? While ranger are them all pretty good, on every single weapon with projectiles they have.


Like makes no sense, ranger's base are the nature and survivability, not the range, ranger ≠ ranged only, if that's the case, they should be weak at melee, and they're just pretty far from it. its simple, ranger just got the projectile privilege for no reason.


Also, just to clarify, its a post to talk about the projectiles, not just ranger, they're not the only class with projectiles (maybe they removed the post because of that, so, just in case)

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