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Specter not viable in Raids and Fractals?


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22 hours ago, Lex.3975 said:

They made thief into a monk. This isn't what I signed up for choosing thief at the start. When someone says thief/rogue/assassin, no one has this kind of gameplay in mind. They wanted thief to be wanted in a party, a debilitator would have been a better fit. Hex enemies so party does better dmg. Plus, a gw2 wasn't built for ally targeting skills and as someone who plays with action camera, clicking on portraits is also not an option.

OMG even though I don't have much experience with thief, I can totally relate here. As a guardian main I also  didn't sign up for the  'willbender' aka half-baked ninja' in training. This is so out of tune with the whole class and its 2 elite specs. 

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