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The Mechanist Malfunction


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I am not very eloquent so I keep this short and simple.

Mechanist removes the entire class mechanic of toolbelt skills from engi in exchange for ... a ranger pet with no synergy native to ranger?
Is the mech just a fancy turret?

Proposed changes:
Move all the traits into a special "mech" window, similiar to the ranger pet window that allows us to customize the mech with its own traits (similiar to WoW pet talent tree)
Change the traitlines to have effect for both the mechanist and the mech, not mech only (and probably something that benefits you if you dont have a mech summoned)
Signets - eh, one of the most boring skill types

Generally I think all classes but engineer the most deserves a complete class overhaul from core to all e-specs.

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Just now, Mesis.2951 said:

It feels somebody came up with this in like an hour

The first-pass response/feedback seems pretty complete at this point, based on the pre-beta info.  It is just haphazardly spread over a half dozen threads.  Deeper feedback will come with the beta, but until then, the Engineer subforum has slightly devolved into fanboy vs theorycrafter tribalism.

I too would like to see an overhaul of Engineer.  Including, if Anet continues to think it is appropriate to give an Engineer Elite a single MH weapon, then Engineer should unlock all its elite weapons for all its elites.  This lack of weapon swap and lack of weapon choice after nine years is too debilitating (just pistol, shield, rifle is a bad joke).  Kits need to be removed from the utility slots and given their own selector.  Traits need to be reworked for better synergy, and revisit every last Trait removed from Engineer that was actually useful.  (None of these points [or similar points] is new to the forum or Engineer fans.)

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1 hour ago, Random Wax Orc.7695 said:

Kits need to be removed from the utility slots and given their own selector.

Kits are core of Engi design, while toolbelt is a by-product of it.
So Kits should be treated as a core mechanic and replace toolbelt.
F1 and F2 should be slots for Kits. F3 should be some Core Engineer mechanic, something like a Kit Overload. This F3 will be replaced with Function Gyro for Scrapper or with Holoforge for Holosmith. For Mechanist F3 will be Mech summon, which will replace F3, F4 and F5 with Mech Commands.
Toolbelt skills should be removed, while their power/functionality should be integrated into their associated skills or kits. For example, Toss skills from Elixirs could be a flip-skills when Elixirs are used. Or maybe Elixirs should be tossed by default, but with greater effect for engineer and smaller effect for allies. There are a lot of creative space.

This approach will truly focus Engineer on using Kits as a replacement of weapon swap, will still give players freedom to combine different kits together, will allow devs to balance Kits and utility skills separately and will create a proper space for new e-spec mechanics.

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