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[NA][PvX/Social/Casual] Longing for a home? Join HRTH.


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Hello hello!
[HRTH] also known as Hyraeth is looking to add to the family. Started by a good friend and myself we simply are wanting more quality people to play a long with. We plan to stay a very small and tight knit community to enjoy Tyria with. We're not for those looking to join a large guild, but those wanting to make a nice small group of gaming friends with as we are hoping to max at 25-30 members.
So a bit about our mentality: we are casual. We enjoy group full story play throughs, map exploration/completion, dungeons, meta's, bounties and achievement hunting. We eventually plan on doing WvW together whenever alliances become a thing as we are different servers. We do plan to eventually do strikes and raids in a super casual manner, and are currently going through fractals for new players. We have a fresh guild hall we are building up currently. Our only expectation is casual, quality and active. We do prefer you to have discord and hop in voice and chit chat, but there is plenty of jokes and foul language so 18+ would be ideal.
Again, we are super casual and a super small tight knit group that wants other funny, quality and casual individuals to join us in adventuring Tyria.
We have people on throughout the day, but most active during 7PM CT to 1AM CT during the week and most all day on weekends.
Feel free to hit me up on Discord at Krymshot#6001 or in game at codycorexxx.5906. You can also contact Khristophoros#8959 at Discord or Khristophoros.7426 in game; and Psydon#6428 at Discord or Bauron.7135 in game.
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