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[sPvP] How to deal with getting +1'd


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Crossposted from warrior - playing as spellbreaker.


Particularly by dd. The unblockable daze followed up by 4-5k crits is hard for me to deal with.


Say I run to far - the enemy already has control of the point or I was forced off the point by a necro or something, then a thief shows up. Sure, I can run around and try to survive, but they already have the point. If I apply too little pressure to the node, the +1 just leaves. If I apply too much, I probably die. I'm not exactly doing anything because they're already holding the node and I'm unable to decap. I know in an ideal situation my team would be able to take advantage of the numbers advantage I've created, but I'm in G2 and teams haven't really proven to capitalize on that aspect yet.


Tips appreciated

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The numbers advantage created is contributing to your team already. If you are in a team where you are expected to contribute even more (carry), then you should be winning the node once the +1 leaves. If you can't then you might have a rating you can't hold on to.

However , your goal is to survive the +1. Once the +1 leaves you should start to retake the node.

How good you are vs your opponent determines how fast and decisive this happens.

To win a +1 you're basically asking to win a 2v1. That only happens when you are higher rated than your opponent by a good margin. 

Other than that, learn the jumpingpuzzles and no-port-spots, helps prevent alot of dmg and steal.

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I'd not surviving a +1 on node is the perfct balance, the problem are the classes that survive +1s


Answering your question, kite around on no port spots and just give them the node if you think you can get it back quickly against the other side noder. If you think you'll take more than 30 secs to decap the node just leave

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If you me or guardian or mirage or thief you take the 1v2 and win it or waste the whole game there and make it a 3v4 in your favor (this will not be enough tho for some teams even in plat there are wintraders there who contribute nothing even tho you 1v2 all game.. Its what i do but i've been practicing 1v2 fars for awhile.

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