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Ember Bay Jumping Puzzle - Map Closed Lost All Progress

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Hello, I am fairly new to the game, I've been trying to do the Ember Bay jumping puzzle over the last day or two and today I set a bit of time aside to complete it. Midway through my session I was prompted to leave the map as it was going to close. I was not given any prior warning that I would not be able to complete the jumping puzzle when I reached the top. It's been stressing me out incredibly all day and its knocked me sick finding out Its not completed because of something on your end, i.e the map closing. This is incredibly unfair and I believe this should be rectified. I'm so frustrated right now and its completely changed the way I viewed the game up to this point how can something like this be overlooked?

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Because I had already been at this for a couple hours, I struggle with things like this and fell off a lot of times. Along with many other players out there. I was under no assumption that leaving the instance of the map would reset the progress on it as their is no warning. I believed that as long as I stayed in the JP area it would be fine, it has been for most other JP's I have done so far, consistency is key. Again, keywords if you'd kindly read - new player. I was still in the JP area and stood on top of my last reached checkpoint when I got prompted the map would close.

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