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What mechanist could have been and really needs

The Brainman.6217

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Hey everyone,

I was quite disappointed with the mechanist (for reasons I am discussing later). Seeing the teasers, I was expecting something else that I would like to present and discuss here. I believe that this design would not only be more interesting, but also more healthy for the game and more interactive from a mechanical point of view.


Cybernetic Innovator

Class mechanic: Cybernetic enhancer (F5)

Upon activation the cybernetic enhancer flips over your toolbelt (F1-4) skills and replaces them by your cybernetic skills temporarily.


F1: Cybernetic eyes -> Fire a laser beam at your target, blinding (3s) and burning (5s) them. (600 range)

F2: Cybernetic arms -> Makes your next (1) attack unblockable.

F3: Cybernetic Spine -> Break stun.

F4: Cybernetic Legs -> Point blank dash (450 range), removes movement imparing conditions, knocks enemies in your path aside.


Each ability can only be activated once per activation of the cybernetic enhancer. The enhancer can be ended early by pressign F5 again (5s CD on turn off after activation). CD of 45-60s.


The "trade off" is not being able to access the toolbelt, while the enhancer is in use. Further, there could a CD on toolbelt skills after deactivation like with holoforge overheating.

As you can see, this is works rather similar to Soulbeast. I think I went quite easy on the effects, so it should not be overpowered. You can easily make it stronger by adding stability to spine or increase the numbers on the other three. This could also be the traits TBH.

Why is this better than mechanist and what do I dislike about it?

1. I dont like the theme (very subjective, I know).

More objectively:

2. AI is bad for the game. It can obviously be strong, if the numbers are good, but even then it is toxic, because of the low effort required to play it.

3. Losing toolbelt completely is a bad idea for two reasons:

a) It was originally a compensation for not having weapon swap. Mechanist right now, is core ranger without weapon swap.

b) It completely breaks the balance of all core utilities!!! Engi utilities are balanced around the combined effect of toolbelt + regular ability. Taking the toolbelt away is necessarily a nerf to all abilities. The degree to which abilities are being nerfed depends on the relative value of the toolbelt skill. This means that some core utilities are barely affected, while others are unplayable (medi kit).

Even if my suggestion is not considered (and I dont expect it to be considered), returning the toolbelt with an F5 switch is a must! Otherwise this spec will not function or only have extremely limited build options (see 3 b).


Feel free to comment. You may like the mech more than I do and that's fine. I firmly stand behind my statements about the toolbelt though.

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I support your idea, although I'd just replace F1-F5 permanently. No flip over skill under F5.

Man I'm so disappointed with that espec. And if your mech gets nuked, you are basically a worse core engi for the next 100 seconds, in 2 days everybody in PvP and WvW will know what to do when they see the mech...

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Not a fan of the theme here, I personally would have preferred to give us back some of the aggressive usages of alchemy (a spec heavily based on acids/poison gases/halucinogens).

But I guess we can all agree that mechanist is not going to hit the mark for us... Still can't believe that they really went through with an AI elite spec AND removing the entire toolbelt for it, despite all the warnings from engineer mains that this design is most likely bound to fail.

I am at a point that I accept that this is another scrapper-case... the spec will be bad for years until they completely rework it in some years.

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