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I would like to dye the mech.


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Yea its not even hard to avoid the green even if its jade. On the skills, okay. The skills are also in a darker green thats not so...obtrusive. But on a mech its easier to make it in a different colour.

Here a guide how to avoid the green on the jade mech:
Step 1: put off the jade parts of ur mech
Step 2: Find a bucket
Step 3: throw colour in the bucket
Step 4: throw the jade parts of the mech in the bucket
Step 5: Pull it out of the bucket again
Step 6: Let it dry
Step 7: parts going back into the mech
Step 8: enjoy

Or is there any source saying you cant do that? xD

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I totally agree. I want an inquest mk XVII dreadnough ruby golem

But seeing that mech makes me also wonder when Anet will sell us skins for summons.

Really, this is good potential of income for them:

-Engie turrets skins (mech now)

-Ranger pet skins

-Necro minion skins

-Guardian spirit weapons

-Thief guild appearance

-Ele elementals skins

-Mesmer clones appearance?

-Ranger banners appearance

-Revenants legend skins

Themed set, racial ones....


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I would back this, but I've been waiting 8 years for new skins to replace my kits :(

Wearing slick and flashy outfits only to be marred by that 2012 flamethrower that you can count the number of polygons, or that moonshine jug they call a bomb kit, or that garlic string called grenade kit.


So my hopes are not that high for dyeable mechs, but I'd welcome the surprise. At the least, the appearance changes based on which traits you select.

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The mech is different from Kits and pets for me, as

Kits are basice weapon, small and not that much seen, so it make less sense to work that much on them

Pets have plenty of variation (~55 different pets divided in 12 familly), then you can say that those models are also used to populate the world but the same could be done for the Jade golem in some way (so form change) and pets are more difficult to dye (like the mounts) than mechanical beings

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