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Mechanist Feedback Thread

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I wanna start off by saying that the Mechanist was the specialization I was most excited about out of all the preview videos and livestream, and after trying it out live, I think it's my favorite one (although I am a big thief fanboy too, and I didn't really get the chance to try out Specter that much yet because I was so focused on Mechanist)

I'll try to provide you with a proper list of the issues that I encountered, as well as my opinion on those.

This is just my opinion, as a PvE player, and I understand some people may disagree with me on some of the things I will mention.

I have mostly tried the condition variant (99% of the time I spent on the Mechanist), and so some of my arguments might be a bit biased because of that.

Good things about the Mechanist :

The Jade Mech :
- looks good ;
- is rather well balanced, whether it is condi application or power ratios ;
- has abilities that are actually powerful ;
- gives more depth to a power or condi DPS rotation than the toolbelt in a PvE environment (off the top of my head, trying to keep track of the Mech's abilities so as not to cancel anything is one aspect that gives more depth to the rotation ; the toolbelt is usually just a list of filler abilities in an already very lengthy priority list of abilities) ;
- the condi line is well balanced.

Issues with the Mechanist :

MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE : Rocket Punch STALLS any order given to your Mech. You cannot do anything with your Jade Mech abilities while it is Rocket Punching. This absolutely NEEDS to get FIXED. The engineer rotation is far too complex already, and having to deal with this every now and then is a HUGE problem.

The signets are, for the most part, unimaginative, and one-dimensional. This makes them incredibly weak. The point of the toolbelt, which is at the core of the Engineer gameplay, is the opposite of having rigid, one-sided abilities. The way signets are designed, they force you to choose between passive or active. Also, think about how good kits are : you slot one of them in, and you immediately gain access to 5 permanent abilities !! It's no surprise that the condition build only uses kits : they've been a staple ever since launch, kits are the engineer's attunements. At the very least, they are for the condi engineer build, because weapons aren't strong enough on their own for condi damage (which is not an issue for power : sword/photon forge, rifle burst/bomb autos. This is how the class was designed after all, few weapons but access to insane kits).
The active effects of those new signets are also weak in essence.
It's risible that Concussion Bomb is more valuable than Superconductor Signet : it's only one fifth of a utility skill.
The Elite signet is also laughable. It deals so little damage that it's probably only competing with Grenade auto in terms of damage.
Those abilities need some serious buffs and actually useful condis on them (and not just 3 seconds of burning).

Mace is bad for a DPS build in PvE. Mace autos are worse than Pistol autos (and that says a lot). Mace abilities have NO damage output. Absolutely nothing of value. Perhaps there's a CHANCE that it MAY be better than a Pistol in very niche situations (actually, just one) when you wish to maximize confusion damage (Twin Largos) but that is it. Perhaps this weapon is only designed for PvP, or for party support, and in that case I cannot say if it does a proper job. But for a traitline that tries so hard to make every build work, I find it hard to believe that Mace was intentionally designed to be terrible for condition damage (there's even conditions on it).

The Jade Mech takes too long to walk to the boss, because it's a pet (example : Dark Ai). Using a Jade Mech ability is clunky when it is out of range. Basically it's pretty unresponsive because it has to come to the boss. It would be very nice if it had a built-in opening ability that would teleport it to the target, like the shadowstep signet (one can dream).

The Jade Mech dies WAY too easily to some of in-game mechanics that are in some cases unavoidable. It dies to the star-shaped laser patterns on Dark Ai when they are not reflected (you can reflect those however, but I'm not sure if it's even intended). I think the Mech should honestly get at least a 50% damage reduction to abilities which do not target it directly in PvE.

The cooldowns aren't showing properly on Jade Mech abilities F1 and F3, but it does work properly on the F2. Supposedly, it should work the same way on all of them.

Core problems with the spec in PvE :

This spec is obviously more balanced, at least for now, for a condi build. The difference in stat inheritance between power and condi, by the way, is hilarious. I think the balance team is a bit out of touch with the condi/power divide. The fact that the golem inherits from 50% of the berserker stats but 100% of the condi stats is not only unfair, but inconsistent with the Exposed changes from May (+30% power damage / +100% condi damage).
The truth is, condi builds function with two stats, and power builds function with three stats. If you hurt the builds that already start at a disadvantage, you cannot expect them to work equally well.
The power stat inheritance should be, I think, 80-85% of each stat.

The Jade Mech steals boons like quickness from certain classes, because boon application is sometimes broken (Firebrand mantras do not prioritize players properly as they used to). It also double dips on might because its stats scale off of your fully maxed stats (power+might and condi+might), which means that theoretically your golem can virtually have 50 might.

The Jade Mech doesn't inherit specific condi or boon duration increases, which is also an issue in the long run. I think it should inherit all of that and be balanced with that in mind, to make it less confusing. I also believe there should be a "synchronization" trait that copies your boons to your Mech periodically. In this case, the Jade Mech should be balanced with this feature in mind, obviously.

The Jade Mech doesn't work underwater and is replaced with a "Jade Mech Support" ability. I think it goes without saying that I'm disappointed in this, even if I don't care about underwater content. I think it is bad design, because underwater content should at least be maintained properly. But to be fair, this issue is minor.

The Jade Mech's name constantly resets, whether it flies away or dies.
This should be fixed as well.

Here's some footage of the condition build rotation :

I encourage anyone who's interested in condi Mechanist to check out Lunar's channel on youtube. He did some crazy good work with on the DPS rotation for this Beta :

More specific engineer issues that do not involve Mechanist, but are related to the build :

- Aim-assisted Rocket in Explosive having a range threshold is just sad. It would be insanely fun if it could work with melee as well, now that the mech can benefit from it too.

- Pinpoint Distribution or Thermal Vision should be moved so that both can be run in the same build, but it's hard to know where to put them. This trade off doesn't make too much sense. Unique party buffs give insentive to bring the class in a squad.

- Napalm is annoying and too easily cancelled.

- Poison Dart Volley doesn't connect properly on moving targets.

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Please let us dye away the green colour of jade on the mech. Get a bucket of colour and throw the mech parts into it. Problem solved xD No seriously, the green doesnt fit to engineer at all. And

Thought here, let us weapon swap in combat as a mechanist please. You already remove our tool belt, so giving us that at least would be nice.

First very noteworthy issue : The name of the golem is given the same limitations as typical player characters when it shouldn't be the case : They cannot incorporate numbers, even if the base name of

I'll throw my coin here. Tried Mechanist for the last few days and have a lot of different thoughts on it. 


First of all I should say that I loved the design! Robot is great, skill animations are great, even the idea of engi having big asskicking robot is great. So, dear devs I should say many thanks for your  work! 


1) Is it an elite spec?


My most powerful impression is that Mechanist changes nothing in Engi gameplay. It was mentioned a lot of times above in the thread, but it really feels like Core Engi + Big Robot (which has his interesting life independent from your char). Condi rotation is a classic 4 kits piano + Big Robot, power rotation is a classic kits piano + Big Robot. And this Big Robot is doing everything himself when you just press the same rotation you've pressed for 8 years. Is it an elite spec? I hoped for some changes in gameplay, but there is nothing new... As someone previously said "Imagine Holosmith, but it is not you but your clone who has all the Photon Forge abilities and he uses those abilities by himself, when you don't even have a toolbelt skills".  I can't agree more.


2) Toolbelt and Kits


I am not sure that removing a toolbelt was a good idea. A lot of our stunbreaks, heals, cleanse and other useful stuff was concentrated there. And now we have half of it taken and the other half (mostly damage) placed in a robot. I can get the idea behind it: engi is the least popular class in the game thanks to it complexity (kits, toolbelt etc.) So since PoF devs decided to simplify the gameplay with Holosmith. This idea had a great success, people loved Holo and a lot of people noticed engi only because of this elite spec. But I don't think that  it should be even more simple. Every class shouldn't appeal to everyone, that's why we have a class system.  Keep engi with his complexity but make it worth learning maybe? Look at Ele for example. It's rotation is complex, but the class is one of the most popular in the game. The problem is not about it being hard to master, but about overall concept. And with Mechanist I feel that devs tried both to make appealing concept and to make playing it simple. Let's just choose the first and forget about the second. It would be nice to see a weapon swap or toolbelt skills return at least when we don't have Robot deployed.  As for Kits, I really expected some rework here. Animations are old as hell, some kits are still in need of tuning etc.


3) Synergy


This point was also mentioned for a few times. We all want to see a better synergy with other traits and abilities. I personally want it to have synergy with other weapons. I miss rifle for example. And it would be great to have different weapons on different roles so to say. Want to have massive damage from distance? Pick rifle and traits needed: you can control enemies from a distance while your Robot will shoot them to death. Whant to support? Pick up mace/shield, choose traits and engage in meele. And so on... In that case some of our weapon skills also need changes and more synergetic ideas behind it. 


4) Robot or Mech?


I want to control my character. That's the basic rule and it doesn't work with Mechanist. AI doing a lot of stupid things and we have no real control over Robot movement. He shoots walls, rocks, moving around in a mile distance. Yesterday I have a very stupid thing in pvp when Robot started attacking objective and I started to fight on node with other engi. Robot skills were on CD. Guess what? It took him a whole minute to come back and engage in my fight. We need more control over that thing. I want to move it, hold it on place and I want it to listen to commands. And I don't even get the idea about this pet? Why can't I pilot it myself? At least on Ultimate ability? Is it so necessary to build whole spec mechanic on clunky AI even after all what happened with Gyros and Scrapper? You remember Scrapper, right?  


All in all Mechanist looks great and has some interesing skills, ideas and beautiful animations. But overall I expected to see something different. Mech and not Robot, my core mechanics saved or changed, not deleted completely etc. Hope devs will listen to our ideas, there are plenty of great thoughts in this thread. Anyway they put a great effort in making the spec, so we should appreciate it! 

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Its pretty good but needs a few things 

1) keybinds for the return actions and a specialized key for attack my target

2) a 3 second stun instead of a 5 second stun when the bar breaks

3) slightly more robust breakbar

4) mace perhaps needs more conditions

5) I understand the lack of a toolbelt is our drawback but I think we can excercise some moderation and get back at least 3 toolbelt skills since we'll already have 3 mech skills replacing the others. so 3 toolbelt skills and the 3 mech skills

6) at least some extra stats for the mechanist themselves 

7) Buster cannon is cool but its very similar to the holo elite. I think the mech exoskeleton (buster form?) idea might be worth looking into for the elite instead of buster cannon. it would be nice

😎 More skins for the mech! its a bottom of the barrel low priority request but as beautiful as the jade mech is it wont match a lot of aesthetics. some options would be wonderful. dieselpunk, steampunk, asura tech and other styles would be welcome

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On 10/29/2021 at 9:28 AM, Scotus.7125 said:

The fact that Shift Signet cannot be used underwater makes sense. Shift Signet is a ground targeted TP just like Blink for mesmer. It would almost be impossible to keep it that way on a 3D movement field without totally reworking the movement skill.


As for the golem moving in the water; its probably still a work in progress as it is just a Beta test. PLEASE ANET GIVE US MECH JAWS!!!

I agree with you on ground targeting skills not being usable in water that does make sense ,and also with Mecha Jaws lol. However some professions already have movement/teleport skills in the water that don't use ground targeting. As for changing it from a ground targeting skill look no further than the Engineer's Grenade Kit. Either way I am super excited to play Mechanist February can't come soon enough.

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So, some thoughts on Power Mechanist gameplay from instanced PVE player's perspective:

Optimized Power Mechanist's DPS is about the same or slightly higher than Power Scrapper's and the gameplay is super-simple: spam bomb auto-attack, Throw Mine, F123 and Rifle 3+5.

Since Mechanist doesn't have toolbelt skills, its utility is reduced while it gets the pet benefits and disadvantages. The utilities can be covered with Med Kit and relevant offensive kit or whatever other utilities there are.

Kitty also kinda found the lack of toolbelt skills even useful in that regard: since A. E. D. only works as minor heal/anti-death heal without CC, Med Kit has more relative value on Mechanist than on other specs and Kitty was able to use it to do cleansing, tiny booning and also healing when bosses were invulnerable. (Big heals in KC orb-catching phase for ex.)

One problem Kitty noticed, though, is that mecha has issues surviving in fights with huge %-based hits and with its huge health pool combined with players taking priority heals-wise if they're below 100% health, weaker healers (*points at druids with their "mandatory" spirits*) are unable to keep the mecha alive at all. Pets also suffer from this same problem but since mecha is responsible for about 35% of Power Mechanist's dps, losing it to 100 second repair cooldown is extremely more punishing for Mechanist.

Thus Kitty suggests lowering Crash Down's maximum cooldown to 60s which is same as defeated ranger pet's after pet swap. Since minimum cooldown is 10s, 10s would be when sending mecha away at full health and mecha would be fixed 2% per second when away.

As per usual, mace is mostly a support weapon on Mechanist so it's main value on Power Mechanist is to be main-hand for shield if shield's utility is needed. To make DPS Alacrity Mechanist a competitive option, Kitty would increase power co-efficients on Mace Strike and Mace Smash from 0.6 to 0.7 or 0.8. (on a side-note, speed up Warrior's mace auto-attack chain by 20%, pwease!)

Before entering heal section, Kitty already mentioned this in Specter thread but it's even more relevant here)...

Now that we get options for Alacrity Renegade, Mirage and Chronomancer, we're running into a severe issue: Renegade and Mirage provide 10-target Alacrity and Renegade has tons of utility (though so does engineer) so Renegade will be the main choice for most of the PVE squad content population due to role compression. Renegade also has very minor losses for bringing Alacrity compared to other specs.

Currently the main composition is Healbrand+Alacrigade+3DPS (Fractal party and raid Subsquad) and Druid (kitten spirits...)+Quickness DPS+Banner Warr+2DPS (Main raid subsquad) in the compositions people are running. Sometimes Quickness DPS+Pure healer is used instead of Healbrand but Alacrigade is the source of Alacrity 95% of time in raids and 99%+ in fractal CMs. Due to aforementioned utility, that is hard to change but to make Alacrity Mechanist (DPS and Heals versions), Alacrity Specter (DPS and Heal) and old-school Chronomancer accepted in the future, Kitty sincerely requests changing Righteous Rebel-trait back to 5-target alacrity (maybe provide Fury on the side?) and change Mirage's Chaos Vortex back to 5-target when EoD arrives. This would give room for Mechanist (and other) Alacrity builds (to make it 5 viable Alacrity specs instead of 2) without disrupting rest of the balance. Compositions with Mechanist as support do require heal+support DPS (Quick+Alac) + 3 others mirror composition, but it's hardly any different from current situation.

Then to supports. Kitty didn't get to test in practise due to aforementioned reasons but when testing boon capabilities alone, Heal Mechanist can easily keep up alacrity and other boons (except no quickness ofc).

However, currently F2 Crisis Zone seems to grant boons to allies only when it self-cleanses which is probably unintentional and needs to be fixed. But other than that, mecha sometimes being stubborn about starting F3 Barrier Burst, complete lack of Stability share and the alacrity issue, Kitty finds Heal Mechanist a working build with mace for spamming barrier, Med Kit for healing, shield for block and CC and utilities for...utilities. But yeah. Nice to have another tasty heal build for Engineer and very promising one at that! (Once Kitty gets to fully test it)

But for example of the aforementioned Power Mechanist gameplay, Kitty haz a video of how it works in real raid situation. 'Cause golemancer is now possible.


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  • Gameplay:
    • Add ways to reduce cooldown of the Mech when the mech has not been killed, like replacing the Mech health bar with an energy bar after the mech is dismissed. The energy would be increased by attacking enemies, and once the energy bar is full, the mech would become available to be recalled.  When the mech is dismissed, the energy bar would get a percentage full based on how much HP the mech had left.  
      If the mech is killed instead dismissed, then there would be no energy, just the current cooldown. This way dismissing the mech becomes crucial to call it back sooner, but enemies can still destroy it to make it go on recharge for longer. 
    • Make the engineer less dependant on kits to be useful when the mech is not out. Maybe allow toolbelt skills with double cooldown if the mech was dismissed without being killed. Maybe allow weapon swap for Mechanist.  Maybe rework kits altogether so they always go in the F5 slot as a 'weapon swap', so engineers can only bring one kit at a time, but in exchange they get new types of slot skills. 
    • Shuffle the skills of the Med Kit so the self-heal is usable by Mecanist: Move the self-heal from F1 to Med Kit 5, Med Kit 5 to Med Kit 4, and put Med Kit 4 in the F1 slot.  This will also remove the double superspeed issue, allowing engineers with Med Kit to use self-superspeed and party superspeed separately. 
    • Or maybe let Mechanist keep the toolbelt skill from the healing skill, making the mech skills F2 to F5 instead F1 to F4.
  •  QoL
    • Give it its own panel with rename, skills, and stats. Just right clicking F4 to change name isn't enough. One should be able to precisely see the attributes and skills of the mech.
    • Make it waterproof. No skills should be unusable underwater.
  • Fun:
    •  Make the Mech dance when the player dances. The dance doesn't have to be complex. It'd be even better if it isn't. Like just extending its arms, swinging the upper body to the left, moving one arm up while the other goes down a couple of times, swing to the right, then repeat.
    • Allow skin customization of the Mech in the aforementioned panel. Some could earned in story like getting a M.O.X. after inviting him to your home instance, some with achievements like getting an Inquest golem skin after completing the inquest golem back from Sandswept isles, others purchased in gemstore.
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Just adding my 2 copper to this thread. 

The elite spec is fun to play, this mech can go 1 v 1 a silver colored elite and take out a  pack of mobs on its own with no issues . Berserker feels like the superior choice vs conditions. That said in every other type of content it fails . 

It does not survive meta map events and punishes you with a large cool-down . There is no benefit in champ trains or wvw zerg running. Its Cooldown is just too great and Ai pathing /reaction is just not there.

The spec is poor  in group content, but very good in solo .

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Well, I guess I have to chime in, what the hell.

To begin with, I don't really like the Jade Mech. It's even more alien than Holosmith and until I get my feet in EoD I have a hard time assembling the puzzle of how a disgruntled charr engineer like me ends up with the commands of such technology, where am I to shove my wrench on this Mech to repair it exactly? The signets don't exactly contribute in submerging the engineer into the jade tech theme either; your concentrated, cutting edge technology is this guy, and this guy alone.

For the gameplay... I solo'd about everything in HoT with the spec but that certainly wasn't without trouble. Because of the severe lack of synergy between the Mechanist and the Engineer you're mostly left playing exactly like the latter but with a mech at your side. In troublesome situations and tougher champs like the Mushroom Queen I'm playing a game of repairing my JM faster than it gets blown up to pieces with the adequate gear and kits and it's taxing.

It may have a role in group content but its best stuff is only provided to 5 players and the mech may do whatever it wants or not even respond at all at times, if it survives.

If you want the Mace to be used at all without complete support in mind, it'll have to deal more damage than the Bomb Kit, right now it competes with Rifle, and Rifle wins hands down.

The fact that the JM automatically takes the aggro due to the overload of toughness is also jarring given its survivability, I would fancy actually making use of its ranged functions and have it be some portable artillery unit or turret while I do the actual dancing and fighting.

Then WvW... This thing has no hope in zerging, and the gameplay feels like entrusting your Toolbelt or even your Photon Forge to your newest intern. The roaming enemy Mechanists I met were simply disabled by tossing freeze grenades to the Mech. Because most of the good defensive stuff is in the toolbelt there's very little a Mechanist can do to kill, or survive when the Mech is disabled beyond perhaps shadowstepping with the signet, and even that can be interrupted. The AI of course is exactly as expected and gives an urge to switch to Scrapper or Holosmith and scream FINE, I'LL DO IT MYSELF! at the top of one's lungs.

1 hour ago, LadyKitty.6120 said:

'Cause golemancer is now possible.

You do know it's not golemancy, right? Unless it's play pretend. 😛

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So now the beta's over, I thought I'd weigh in with my opinions.


For context - I've been an engi main since 2014, and play the class in all high level content and all gamemodes. However, for the beta I only tested the spec out in PvP. I was initially skeptical of an AI-based class, but I decided to give it a good, honest try before making a final judgement.


In summary: it's bad design, really bad. The spec itself is incredibly strong damage-wise, but this is a matter of the mech DPS numbers being too high, and is probably going to get nerfed at some point. It feels satisfying to see the big numbers sure, but it's such a struggle of fighting the mech to get what you want that it creates a really frustrating gameplay experience if you're playing against decent players.


But breaking things down by topic:


This was actually the thing I liked most about the spec. All of the signets felt that they were useful, and it's really nice to get a teleport on engi. However I think a lot of this comes down to the signets being balanced without toolbelt skills, which makes them superior to most of their core engi counterparts. My main issue is that the cast times are too high on some of the skills (namely the stunbreak and teleport), and these could probably be lowered or removed entirely. There was one signet though that I really didn't like, and this was the condi signet. Like, seriously, if you want people to use this in high level PvE, you should at least let it do more confusion damage than one of the five bomb kit skills.



I really didn't want for engineer to get yet another melee weapon spec, but mace itself feels... ok. Skill 2 feels good to use with the animation (but it looks way too similar to holo sword 3), and apart from the skill cancelling issues, Skill 3 feels fine as well. The autoattack chain did feel a little underwhelming in the damage it did, but that's not too big of an issue for me. The weapon just feels too similar to sword in how it plays out, which makes for a slightly boring experience.


The Mech Mechanic

Now we get into the stuff that feels bad. Even from just watching the first look livestream I knew this was going to be bad, and my fears were completely confirmed in game. The AI is just... awful, it needs reworking from the ground up if this is going to be a spec I want to use over holo or scrapper. Aside from randomly wandering around when you're standing completely still and not pressing any buttons, the mech has absolutely no loyalty to you. There were times in my PvP matches where I would rotate from mid to one of the side nodes, and the mech just.. wouldn't follow. I'd be stuck in a fight for half a minute wondering "where has my mech gone?" before glancing at the map to realise it just wouldn't leave the fight on mid, even if I tried to use the f1-3 skills on the opponent I was actually fighting (it would usually just say mech is out of range to do that). And that's another thing. The fact that there is no "Attack my target" or "Return to me" keybind that you can use feels utterly awful. I don't want or have time to click my skills in combat, please return these. This alone severely inhibits the ability of the mech to do what the player wants it, the fact that they can't easily control where it goes. In certain PvP maps (particularly Skyhammer) the mech just doesn't work, because it can't jump. I as a player can kite, and can deny my opponent from kiting. The mech just can't, which severely skill caps me in games. This probably doesn't matter in lower tiers of ranked because the players there behave worse than AI, but in plat+ this makes the spec weaker by design than everything else, as well as incredibly unengaging to play against. If the damage numbers weren't stupidly high during the beta, the spec would've been farmed by anything else easily. In addition to this, the support skills on the mech are severely hampered by the AI, especially the buttons that cause the mech to give out PBAoE boons, or the projectile bubble. These really need to be ground targeted, because the mech just has a mind of its own for where it wants to cast them, which means you actually have to fight it in order to get the boons you want. No one wants to play like that.


The Traits

I really dislike the purpose of the traits. While the design is really interesting (picking and choosing your playstyle) the fact that 10/12 of the traits in the traitline (including all 3 of the minor traits) don't affect the player at all makes the entire spec a one-trick pony, where the mech is in control, not the actual human behind the screen. This feels bad for a skilled player, but is also horrible design from a competitive perspective, because you're making the game less engaging. Victory is determined not by the player, but by the mech, which doesn't scale with the player's skill at the game at all. To fix this, the traits all need secondary benefits for the player that still function when the mech is off who-knows-where, or is despawned. Also, some of the trait choices are really questionable for cross-traitline synergies. The explosions stuff is neat and all, but why is the explosion trait in the condi line, when Explosions is almost pure power? There's 1 condi trait out of 12 in explosions, this is just such a weird design choice. Also, the fact that you explicitly have to trait the mech for it to provide a benefit to you really sucks, especially given the ridiculously long cooldown the mech has.


The Tradeoff(tm)

Removing toolbelt completely breaks so many things. Setting aside the obvious medkit thing that everyone except the devs knew about from just watching the livestream, toolbelt is a necessary source of stunbreaks for engineer, and the balance of skills is often determined by their toolbelts. Take Rifle turret for example. There is no place at all for this on a mechanist build, because the skill itself is just so bad. Whereas there is space for it on a static discharge holo/core build, because the toolbelt skill has such a low cooldown. So mechanist is actually limiting buildcraft, because you have fewer options to play around with. I would strongly recommend adding back toolbelt skills in some form (maybe when the mech is desummoned) and if you really want to force on another tradeoff, just increase the cooldowns of the normal toolbelt by 20% or something. Although in its current design, taking the mechanist traitline is a tradeoff, because the traits are all about providing baseline behaviour to the mech instead of making it stronger.


I'm honestly not sure how to fix mechanist, because so much of it is baked into the AI, which is always going to be a huge issue to balance. I would've preferred if the mech behaved more like a Ventari tablet where you instruct it exactly where to move, and it doesn't have many active effects. Truthfully though, I think it would just be better if the mech was just reworked into something else. An AI spec was never going to be a good idea, and the days I spent playing the beta confirmed that.

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Mechanist has been by far the elite spec i've had more fun out of all the EoD ones.
BUT there's a big issue with it. You can't have all the traits be centred on the Mech, and then NOT HAVE THE MECH UNDERWATER!
The mech NEEDS to work underwater, either give it a different shape or just make it swim. Its as bad if not worse than release Revenant. Its completely crippled while underwater.


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So to round up my thoughts and impressions from my own testing and reading/viewing other people's testing and feedback, here are the most important matters I see in order of most important first:

1. We need toolbelt skills back when the mech is not present. Call mech should move to F5. Moving mech commands to signets or a kit so we can have toolbelt with the mech out might be even better.

2. The mech must work underwater. There is no way around this.

3. The cooldown on call mech must be significantly reduced. Even if toolbelt is restored, 100s is far too long. 30s in PvE seems like a more reasonable maximum considering how weak/useless you are without it. PvP may warrant a longer cooldown, but still less than 100s.

4. Mechanist traits need some reworking. The current allocation of stat inheritance and trait functions leaves very little build agency. More combinations of traits, weapons, and stats should be equally viable.

5. The mech must be more personalized. For the simple fact that it's very hard to tell your own mech from another, the mech rename needs to persist, and we should really be able to change its appearance in some way, dyes seem like an obvious answer.

Thanks to all other testers for your feedback and ideas, and thanks to Anet for making this new spec with so much cool potential, and a lot to love already. I hope this potential can be realized and evolve into a solid addition to the game.

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Lots of bugs need to be fixed.  The stunbreak signet can be interrupted, so that's not good.  Mech doesn't respond to Return to Me.  One time, it slowly walked over after hitting return to me a couple times, I thought it was sulking.  Its response to its own skills are also hit or miss.

The mech is god tier in pve.  Largely ineffectual in WvW, but the barrier bubble has its uses, and the shadowstep is well needed.  The mech completely melted in enemy Scourge's desert shroud though.

As said multiple times, a mechanist with a dead mech, mace, no toolbelt skills, and all signet skills, doesn't have much to contribute to the game.  This was otherwise the best one of the week.

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Just a random thought - would a movement key similar to revenants centaur totem help? Guessing it wouldn't help much with the melee dps traits but more thinking as a way of positioning with the barrier bubble and general support skills. It'd be nice for positioning the ranged power dps or getting it to move in for the f3 skill too.

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i wish i could judge the mechanist fairly but it was just too broken to enjoy this time around.  as a condi engi that i really wanted, i guess its fine. did like that even tho it was clearly 3 condi traits, 3 support traits, 3 power traits, there was still reason enough to mix n match them on different builds, 1-1-3 for condi to better use the condi signet, or 3-3-1 for power to give the battle mech big boomer. disappointed that 3-1-1 condi with aim-assisted rockets doesnt really work because you cant position the battle mech, you press F2 once and no more rockets. i think an F5 key to let us ventari tablet RTS the battle mech around is a bare minimum improvement we need (besides obvious bug fixes.) mace seemed fine for power dps but i'll likely stick with dual pistols for condi dps. i hope im satisfied with whatever state mechanist launches in in february but im currently dubious. 

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It's core engineer with a pet, but this time you're the pet, and it feels like you're playing 2 characters at once, It's great! not sure if the long tether range is intended but it's nice in PvE for double teaming shenanigans, not sure in PvP so it could use a fix only to that game mode.

Mace is nice, a bit average but plays quite well with the mech, though the animation of the 3rd auto attack animation just feels awkward because of how fast it is.

Skills are alright, Elite could use some work since using it when your mech is off cooldown uses up the elite and problem of accidentally using it when the mech has 3 seconds left is quite punishing. Jade cannon is disappointing damage-wise, the animation is decent but doesn't hold a candle to the powerful feel of the Holo's Elite.

Traits are decent, jade cannons deal a heck of a lot of damage, but seems reasonable with the removal of toolbelt removing a half of where Engie's damage is from. J-Drive mech air support passive is funny to use, quite a flavourful passive. Not much else to say to mechanist traits, they all work nicely and quite refined at their current state.

With the base engie specs, it synergizes well with explosive and tools due to the toolbelt and explosions that the mech gives out and spamming mech commands that inherits toolbelt enhancements. Inventions lands on the average synergy though useful when you want build with support in mind, along with Rifle which isn't as effective as explosives/tools combo when making for damage. Alchemy however is just useless, no point at all to take it due to removal of toolbelt which gets rid of additional party boon share with throw elixirs(Though channeling Conduits and Barrier Engine already suffices for Might, Fury, Vigor, and Alacrity upkeep). Purity of Purpose would just be dependent on you using Medkit and Elixir Gun since mechanist in general doesn't have that much group condi Cleanses.

The Spec is quite fun to play in PvE, Mech as a companion just feels right and comfy. in WvW, it feels strong on roaming and duels though it's useless on big fights since the Mech is easily burned down.

Overall the spec in general is alright, traits are refined, really fits the engi being very utilitarian in it's nature, though unfortunately with the removal of toolbelt it removed Elixirs and Alchemy traits making them useless for that spec entirely, Hope to see further refinement on release on that regard along with the mace autoattack animation.

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A really simple feedback compared to the previous ones, I will simply focus on the design in general. I am mainly a WvW player so I'm talking about my experience in that mode only.

Also, I must admit I haven't read all the feedback (yet), so I don't know how many times my remarks have already been brought up, if at all.

1. The Mech

Tbh, I really enjoyed it: unlike ranger's pets, it really focuses on taking down a target. However, with the breakbar, it tends to be taken down quite easily. Maybe scaling could be taken differently (or a least damage calculation). Same goes for summon cooldown: 100 seconds is really too much.

Just like everyone else, I assume the naming bug will be taken care of in later builds. Another bug is that the cooldown time on F1-F2-F3 skills doesn't always appear. Lastly about bugs, sometimes the Mech goes through walls to chase an enemy.

Also, I wouldn't mind a customisation window where we would be able to, maybe, change some parts of the golem, or even complete skins (to collect like ranger's pets, imagine being able to use a watchknight!), and of course colors.

As many pointed out, toolbet skills should be available when the Mech isn't out. Losing them is too big of a trade-off.

Lastly, it would be great that the animation of the Mech being sent away when entering water or mounting should not be that long. Keep it for when it dies, but not these instances: sometime the Mech doesn't come back right away, or is summoned for no reason...

1.1. Traits

As many said, traits shouldn't force us to choose an attribute. Mech skills should be chosen from the previously suggsted customisation window. Traits should maybe focus a bit more on signet, weapons, and maybe pushing the Mech even further (like summoning TWO Mechs, yet half as strong? Just throwing a stupid idea here).

2. Mace

A bit overwhelming yet still pleasant to play. Maybe you could go a bit crazy about it and make it a gauntlet skin? You created foci looking like effects, why not create a mace looking like a gauntlet? Also, as limiting as it can be for further expansions, make it dual wielded: it would be fun to have a double "punching" engineer, fighting like their Mech!

3. Signets

I like the idea of giving it to you or your Mech. However, since the Mech sometimes like to live its own life and wanders around picking flowers, signets like Barrier Signet can get a bit useless. Maybe keep the active effect on the engineer, but make a trait that, if chosen, allows you to transfer the active effect on the Mech?


So, besides the obvious bugs that will be fixed, imho Mechanist was the elite spec I had fun the most fun with yet. Push it just a tiiiiny bit further and it will be perfect.

Oh and also... Please fix the French name. "Méchamancien" isn't that good. Called it a "Machiniste" (it's "Reaper-Fauchemort" all over again), it sounds better.

Edited by VergilDeZaniah.3295
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A bit late to the party but in addition to my previous feedback:


-A niche request but is it possible to allow the tool kit auto attack to repair the golem ? Since we now ally target skill that grant buff on Specter, I dont think it would be too bad to you know....allow player to repair their golem with the toolkit. Maybe like I dont know 10% HP / auto attack.


-For the active signet, espescially the one granting a barrier and projectile block, allow the mech and the engineer to both spawn a dome. If for balance purpose having double the effect is bad then only allow one barrier to proc even if you're standing in 2 of them.

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Hello, I have played Engineer for more than 80% of my time in this game since launch. This is the reveal I was looking forward to the most and the only one I feel like I can provide a detailed level of feedback. Trying to keep the main design decisions and offer suggestions for numbers/trait tweaks in line with what Anet generally has done in the past.

I think the Mechanist was done quite well for a beta preview. Both Support builds and Condi dps builds look like they have potential for the live game. Power DPS is lacking and to me this is okay our other two elite specs fill different types of power damage roles. It's also possible a high CC power/cele build is pretty viable in PvP. If Mechanist provides legitimate support and condi dps builds at the very least then I think that would be a success and really fill out the roles that an Engineer can provide overall.


Regarding support: target caps need cleanup globally. Make everything 5 or 10, not a mix where some builds are taken purely due to the number of targets they can hit. Also Mechanists need Fortifying Bond.


Condi dps tuning is currently disappointing because you end up playing essentially a core build with Mechanist instead of Tools. I would really like to see a Mace build with the condi signet be more competitive. To be clear I do not think mace/signet needs to be strictly better than the "core Mech" build and some feedback I've seen goes wrong here. Ideally we could find a place in balance that they are similar enough that mace and condi signet + a kit or two or other utility options is competitive with 4-kit dual pistols. For those who don't want to play piano on their keyboard anymore they are still viable for top DPS roles. For example, if "core build" Mechanists can bench 40k I think it would be ideal if Mace + Signet was 38-40k. Similar to rifle Holo build vs sword Holo build.


The mech looks great, animations are cool. The spec lives and dies by the Mech more than any other pet profession, so it really needs AI cleanup and responsiveness. Too often it is running in weird directions, not standing near enough to me for the skills to work, and not doing the skills I am commanding. It's not endearing when the Mech uses an AOE skill 1200 units away from any enemies, it's frustrating. In terms of surviving the Mech is decently beefy but the breakbar in PvE is awful. Breaks too fast due to liberal application of Slow, Immob, chill, knockback, etc and 5s seems like a lifetime. Double breakbar strength and make the stun 3s, split modes if needed. Also 100s CD is insane, 30s max. There's been lots said about this already, moving on...


Oh, right one thing. Crash Down/Recall has got to be F5 for consistency. Let F4 be attack, return, or some other AI function.


I think the Mace is fun you get a lot out of 3 skills. Aside from some numbers tweaking this came out of the gate strong. Auto chain feels good. Condi numbers are a little low to be competitive with 4-kit builds, depending on how other changes come together some more condis and damage could be added.


  1. Rectifier is boring but it works, however I don't see a justification for a 30s cooldown. Should be 20 or 25 max.
  2. Barrier is nice, would really like to see a combo field (Ethereal for synergy with all the confusion in this spec).

  3. Force is really weird to me, stun break on an AOE knockback feels bad. I've been using it for stun break and scattering mobs annoys players around you. I would remove stun break from this skill, alternatively make the knockback an AOE pull same range same breakbar amount so it doesn't hurt our party if we use it.

  4. Shift gets the stun break if removed from force. Aside from feeling really slow (weird on a skill making you faster) it's a neat skill serves a couple different functions. I'd make it instant like other shadow steps especially with stun break. 1/4 max without.

  5. Superconducting should be larger on the Mech (like barrier signet), Mech is right on the edge of range currently. Also needs more condis on it or make the field drop on both Mechanist and Mech, rewarding good positioning with overlapping fields. Right now it's weaker than one concussion bomb at 50% longer CD (and lack of the rest of the bomb kit). Lastly with Superconducting, I'd like an ethereal field instead of lightning for the confusion synergy.

  6. Jade Buster Cannon... oof this hits like a wet noodle. Two different uses is cool but I don't see why this shouldn't rival Prime Light Beam for damage they are very similar skills. Heck give it a trail on the ground too (confusion of course). 60s CD. Additionally I'm not sure how many builds using other signets would not use this signet as well, maybe give another passive effect and just reduce cooldowns as baseline. Not an exciting passive currently, maybe some interaction with the Mechanist or the Mech landing hits, some stacking effect would be neat. Or give the increased effectiveness to all passive signets here on the elite signet.

Minor Traits

I think traits need the most work on Mechanist so I will go through them all. Not trying to look at huge changes but some tweaks that would help what I see as the main issues. The minors feel cheap, the last one overrides the previous two (stats) and there's just not a lot of substance. Nothing for the Mechanist if the Mech dies, nothing to synergize with other trait lines. All stats should inherit 100% on the very first minor, should simplify things and allow some choice in skills you want the Mech to have rather than being driven by stats. If there is a balance concern here then the Mech should be tuned directly to match the full stat inheritance but I suspect this wouldn't be a problem, not like the Mech is getting a ton of healing power in a full dps build.


I would like to see the minor traits do something for the Mechanist directly, possibly some kind of synergy with the rest of Engineer. Barrier application does something special, CC applies some amount of barrier, some effect when confusion is applied, something when boons are applied, etc. Some interesting interaction that gives the Mechanist a unique way to interact with the rest of the Engineer. Fortifying Bond as the last minor would be great. Maybe bring elements of the signet GM to a minor trait (gain a lesser passive effect when on cooldown).

Major Traits 1 (Mech Arms)

  1. It's cool that Mech Arms changes the look of the Mech. Would really like to see that extend to the Frame and Core traits. Would help a little with some customization that people want (not super important to me but I get it) and allow a little better counterplay in PvP being able to recognize the physical appearance

  2. Single Edge Cutters: Rolling Smash is great, I'm generally using this on the Mech regardless of the rest of build it's just a solid skill if I don't need to cap Might. Is it a technical possibility to give Mech finishers? I think that would really enhance the feeling of the Mech being the main focus of the Mechanist if it could also proc its own combo finishers, get leap auras, etc. This should be a leap. Maybe ground target to let us have a little better control of the Mech.

  3. High Impact Drivers: Explosive Knuckle is a good skill obviously for support but in any build that wants might. I like that it's geared toward one type of build but still useful enough generally to apply to other builds. That is a good trait design it's not too locked in to one thing.

  4. Jade Cannons: Spark Revolver is okay I generally prefer melee so I use Cutters. One issue I noticed is the other Mech major trait skills remain melee so the Mech still runs in if you use a condi or support trait later in the build. That should be fixed to make them all ranged, also the other skills become 900 range and this is 1200 so the Mech uses this skill then has to walk forward to continue fighting, just seems a bit clunky. Continuing with finishers all Mech ranged attacks get 20% projectile finisher (including this skill) would be cool. I prefer the other two Mech Arms but if this makes all other skills ranged it rounds out a generally solid set of Mech Arm options.

Major Traits 2 (Mech Frames)

  1. Conductive Alloys: Discharge Array is a decent idea but not enough damage. I'd love to see a lightning field it's right there in the name. I'd add more confusion here or add burning, possibly poison since that's an Engineer condi lacking in Mechanist. I hate to ask for more visual effects but I think this is hard to see in PvP nothing really on the ground indicating damage/CC is happening. I'd really like to see a unique confusion bonus somewhere on Mechanist to help bridge the gap between mace/signet and 4-kit as mentioned above. This might be the right spot for it. +X% damage for confusion is one option, something more unique would be cool like additional effects when skills are activated or some way to refresh durations, etc.
  2. Channeling Conduits: Crisis Zone is very cool. Usually this works instantly, which is important for Aegis. Sometimes the Mech just ignores our command and that is really bad for Aegis needs. Feels a little long CD 30s would be great. This is also a great trait because it gives a new ability! Why are those so few and far between? Barrier grants Alacrity is awesome two new boons for Engineer really making support viable. Good work on this one.

  3. Variable Mass Distributor: Core Reactor Shot is a not bad but feels outclassed because the trait gives nothing else to the Mechanist. 100% projectile finisher here if possible. Maybe some cool stacking ability whenever CC is used would fit well in this trait line.

Major Traits 3 (Mech Core)

  1. Jade Dynamo: Jade Mortar is really slow and easy to avoid/miss, but doesn't feel like it has the payoff to justify. More damage and burning is needed (blast finisher?). Ground target that would help a lot in better Mech control. Lingering field should be on the table as well. As for the trait abliity inheriting explosives on hit is a really neat idea but it doesn't really pan out at 33%. Should be 100% explosion chance, Shrapnel is still only 33% chance for 1 bleed.

  2. Barrier Engine: Barrier Burst another great skill for support. Mechanist loses Toss Elixir B, can't use Defense Field, lost all AOE stabilty access so I want to suggest replacing Vigor with Stab, but in fairness this is still a really solid trait. The barrier pulse is really strong when combined with other skills and mace, numbers might need tuning down. But 3s pulse should remain for Alacrity. This could be a whirl finisher.

  3. J-Drive: Sky Circus is a little disappointing it just doesn't hit as much as it sounds like it should. For being the grandmaster in the power/CC line I think more than just the landing should CC (which doesn't appear to target anything, this would be another great ground target candidate). Each missle should Daze, the landing should also be a blast finisher. The evade is a nice way to avoid damage. The trait ability signet buff is good but I really feel that should be baseline in some form because signets don't feel great without it. Due to lack of weapon swap, and a signet taking the spot of a kit, there just aren't many skills to use. I get the tradeoff of signets is to hold passive or use for stronger effect but it's not the same as Warrior, Guardian, Ele, Ranger, Necro, etc. On Engineer you need some skills to use it doesn't feel great to hold a skill for passive effect when you also have no weapon swap, no kit, no toolbelt, no other skills to use. Maybe a minor trait allows lesser passive effects to remain when using signets and this trait instead buffs signets in a different way.

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As a disclaimer I only tried this spec on the golem + I do not play engineer enough to have a full opinion.


I had the same issues with mechanist and untamed. I do not see the time on F1 and F3 when they are on cd, I have to semi guess with the icon. Also like the F2 on ranger, sometimes the skill does not want to go off.

The mace had more power coefficient than I expected. I tried to replicate the condi / power build for holo and it looked like it had some good damage. I tried to maintain alacrity, it worked but was not that interesting to play (maybe my build was wrong). I had to use the mace auto a lot, a close combat mech (for the signet and aoe) and am not sure it will be better / more flexible than scrapper.


For Pvp I have been on the receiving end in Pvp and hum… the dps version did hurt a lot more than I expected (too much but I did read that there were bugs for might).

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I haven't read the entirety of this thread so I may touch upon some things that have already been pointed out, but I didn't want my opinion colored by what others have said.

My thoughts and suggestions are through the lens of someone who is primarily a WvW player; my PvE has been fairly limited these days and I do no PvP.

I can summarize many of my issues with this statement: In an effort to balance the class around the mech, I feel that too many sacrifices were made.

I'll admit that my first instinct upon seeing the Mechanist reveal was that it would be full of problems, in no small part due to the way Guild Wars 2's pet A.I. works -- in fact, the ranger's pet mechanic is what has primarily kept me from investing more time into that class. This instinct was proven mostly true, especially with the loss of the button-mapped "come to me" feature. We desperately need to be able to recall the pet to our location. I consider the Mechanist's support tree completely useless because the mech can't be trusted to be where you need it. It's good when it works, but I need something more reliable.

While I don't think the breakbar is a bad idea considering the overabundance of CC-bombs and the emphasis on zerg play over small group play in WvW, the loss to the mech's HP in WvW hurts. On multiple occasions I watched my mech's health bar disappear in under a second, followed by my own health bar -- and then I respawn and still have to wait 90s for the mech to come off cooldown. I think the mech's cooldown should be completely reset upon player death, at least when porting back to a waypoint after being double-downed. I can foresee abuse if someone is resurrected from death on the field, but is there a way to detect that and not reset cooldown when that happens?

The loss of the toolbelt, at least when the mech is stowed, is inexcusable. All of the engineer's utilities are balanced around the toolbelt as well. If the toolbelt is gone, then all other utilities need a buff of some sort, either to increase their effectiveness or reduce their cooldown. Many of the engineer's utilities are "watered down" compared to other classes, to try and fit the jack-of-all-trades approach. Don't water them down even more. Move the summon mech to F5 where our other elite abilities are.

The Mechanist's power tree is fine. My biggest issue is the signet effect attached to J-Drive: Signet skills gain improved passive effects and continue to grant their passive bonuses while recharging. Signet Effectiveness Increased: 20%. This should be part of the Minor Grandmaster so that all Mechanists get access to it, especially since we don't have our toolbelt.

The condi tree confuses me. Jade Dynamo states Mech attack skills have a chance to cause explosions. Your mech inherits on-hit bonuses from the Explosives specialization line. But the Explosives line is primarily tied to power builds, and Firearms has most of our condi stuff (yes there is a bit of condi added through Explosives, but it's more incidental than focused). Our condi has always been bad, but even a devoted condi Mechanist is watered down by having to take power traits for synergy. For the best condi output, we have almost no choice but to go Explosives-Firearms-Mechanist, which means little to no sustain since we won't have room for Alchemy, and (again) we've lost a ton of self-support from losing toolbelt.

Running Med Kit means we have no personal heal. The loss of the toolbelt took away like 2/3 of our stunbreaks. And why, WHY does the Force Signet, the Mechanist's stun break, have a cast time!?

I think mace is fine. It's a little bit boring and feels just like the holosmith's sword -- one auto attack chain, one leap attack, one ranged attack -- but our weapon options are so abysmal that anything is better than nothing. I was hoping to get main- and off-hand mace, sort of like how Spellbreaker got daggers in both hands.

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Fixing typos and expanding on a couple thoughts I was too vague with
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I liked the new elite.
The robot is bealtifull and cool.
The sinets add some good and needed options to the engineer, but with some obs...
The mace also added valuable melee options to the engineer, but with some obs...
The traits for robot config are good and cool, but lacks something addressed to the Mechanist itself.

  * Looks like this elite have some double cast time / animations time issues...
  * Some signets (e.g. Shift Signet, Overclock Signet, ...) should have their cast time fully removed to prevent above issues and, possibly, some others.
  * Mace #2 could have 3 ammo stacks or least 900 range to allow some approximation capability.
  * Mace #3 could have least 900 range to allow some approximation capability.
  * Mace SHOULD allow the mechanist to have some source of stability.
  * The trait line could bring something addressed to the engineer itself.
  * The skill Jade Siphon (minor master) could also be used by the engineer itself.
  * Looks like the skill rocket punch (minor grandmaster) have some issues... It could be replaced by something that increases effect on an existent feature on both, engineer and robot.

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I wish I wasn’t started out with a shield because those suck, aside from the warrior of course.  It was also annoying to find a pistol since just opening one box gives you a lot of weapons. Still, that’s not as bad as the pseudo-weapon swapping almost getting me killed.


On another note, I think it's cool you can rename the mech. I just hope the naming becomes permanent, since they fixed that issue with the Ranger. Yeah, I remember having to retype names every time I changed my rotation. What’s more important is hearing from my dad that the mech is very balanced after he took it to Orr and the Crystal Desert. Speaking of the latter, we were just complaining about that since your pet will be locked onto an enemy yet they'll still attack you. (Don't we have rules to follow them?)


One more thing: I've noticed that the Mech only has one move underwater. I really can't complain, though since a lot of utility skills have that restriction. Is the base game not being considered, or is Cantha going to be this vibrant land with little to no oppurtunities for underwater combat? Just curious.

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1 hour ago, bruakumfd.4817 said:

is Cantha going to be this vibrant land with little to no oppurtunities for underwater combat? Just curious.


Since we are getting fishing boat and well...fishing activities, there might be more opportunities to have underwater fight, who knows.


But the mech should be able to go underwater or else you're just a worse engineer underwater.

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So there are some suggestions I could make for this spec. I do really like it so I'll give you a couple.


1. There was this feature for heroes and henchmen in Guild wars 1 where you could flag them to a location and they couldn't roam too far from a specific point. As an F5 ability or F4 and move the summon to F5 this could work well. Flag it to that location and unflagging causes it to return. This would probably be good to have just in general for all pets and summons.


2. Have toughness inherited by your stats be converted into armor. It being as tough as it is is nice but it does pull aggro pretty heavily. Which without dodge it still gets crushed by aoe.


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I'd like to see an additional mech skill (e.g. F4😞

Your mech clears target and teleports / charges towards the target location. Range ~1200, CD ~20 sec


The most annoying thing about the mech in PvP is that you can't appropriately micromanage its positioning - so at times it'll just stand there and get killed, or outplayed with LOS etc.

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