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Mechanist Feedback Thread

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Initial impression in PvE - plain FILTHY.
You let your carpal syndrome rest for a while and let the mech tear kitten up!
Love it.

Though i can't imagine this being any good in competitive. If not flat out canned (get it?) due to pvp stats having to be reasonable, the mech will be either kited to oblivion when in melee config, or have it's attacks reflected if in ranged.

And mechanist without it's mech... let's just say it's not a pretty story...
Other than that utility disparity now is getting even larger.
There's signets that work fine and dandy.
Kits that lost their toolbelt skill but are still kits.
And everything else that lost half it's value (toolbelt skill).

Gadgets especially took a hit with that one.

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Please let us dye away the green colour of jade on the mech. Get a bucket of colour and throw the mech parts into it. Problem solved xD No seriously, the green doesnt fit to engineer at all. And

Thought here, let us weapon swap in combat as a mechanist please. You already remove our tool belt, so giving us that at least would be nice.

First very noteworthy issue : The name of the golem is given the same limitations as typical player characters when it shouldn't be the case : They cannot incorporate numbers, even if the base name of

Yeah. Noticed that as well - that it appears without using the summon skill.

Dislike: No toolbelt skills (forces to use signets that ere the better option then).

And no other customization than the traits.

Would have loved different traits. And for customization someting similar ot the ranger. Only a lot less - but a few unlockable item parts that could be changed seperately in a menu/window similar to the one the ranger gets for pets. Not tied to traits.

Seems sturdy though (someone mentioned above that he tested it vs. champs) - and I like the barrier/alacrity support options. I think I will try it in fractals or other group content. (Not public world or wvw zergs though. Mid sized or smaller groups.)

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Regarding high-level PvE viability, Mechanist only seems worth taking for its support/alacrity bot. I did some brief testing on DPS golems and the pDPS and cDPS it offers with the slightly adapted meta builds (full ascended vipers and berserker) was not competitive with Holosmith. Can't say yet how this will perform in real content like fractals and raids, but if the mech dies even once in a fight and you have to wait the 100 sec cd, then even simply playing core Engi with its toolbelt and tools trait line would likely yield better DPS. 


There might be a case for a running a support build in PvE. The Mechanist can quite easily maintain 100% alacrity uptime and 25 might on a 5-man party, and if you throw in infusion bomb, rifle turret, and thumper turret (with the experimental turrets trait) you can quite easily maintain 100% uptime on fury, regen, protection, and vigor as well. 

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Initial impressions on Alacrity Support Mech: Very Good!

You're able to provide: Permenenat Alacrity, and a good amount of might and fury to your subgroup while also providing useful defensive utility. You have one demand aegis on a short cooldown (Sure you don't have 3 charges like firebrand, but this is still huge when paired with a firebrand), and you provide a good amount of barrier, regen, and protection. 

All of these things together make for a pretty solid group support. You do end up relying a lot on your F1 to reposition your mech onto the desired target, but that's just what you'd expect when dealing with AI. 

So far I'm just using the gear options available to me, so I tested out a full Cele Mechanist with rune of Traveler. 

My build setup was Heal Signet, Barrier signet, Bomb kit, filler slot, elite signet. 

I would love to tack on a medkit for extra healing but the lack of a healskill really hurts. I think mechanist should keep their f1 toolbelt to remedy this. This wouldn't be too much to ask since every class should have functional heal skills. 

Overall, the dps output was respectable in solo play. The boons were very nice. The combination of barrier, regen, protection, and signet healing, and a golem to tank for me made me feel immortal. 

I've yet to test in group play, but I think there is promise, especially if tweaks are made to make the spec more viable with med kit. 

The last thing I'll point out is that mace feels like a solid weapon overall. It's nice to finally have a viable condi mainhand. The extra bit of range on the 3 and short cooldown leap on the 2 are nice quality of life. I really wish this weapon was core, because it would help core engineer a lot. 

Overall, the spec has a lot of promise, granted the AI doesn't get heavily nerfed in the future, such is Engineer's track record (buff turrets).

The only thing it really needs is access to f1 toolbelt to make Med Kit function as a proper heal skill again. 

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Fighting 2 creatures in PvE that have knockdown or knockback like Oakhearts make the golem pretty dang useless because they can keep him in a chain stun by continously breaking his bar while it recovers. 


It's a strong pet for PvE overall, and pretty much outclassed ranger pets in every way.  But that CC chain....whoof

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Mace is a great idea. Mech is a great idea.

They just don't fit together!

If your using your mech to fight you don't want to be up close.

1 hour ago, Okhu.7948 said:

Thought here, let us weapon swap in combat as a mechanist please. You already remove our tool belt, so giving us that at least would be nice.

I guess this could be an option at least.

Mace would be fun on core engineer, holo or scrapper so yet another argument to let us use espec weapons on core and other specs.


It's good that Optimized Activation and Static Discharge work with Mech Commands but now we have 3 buttons instead of 5 and there isn't any fast recharge option. 



When your mech is dead or dismissed your basically defenceless. J-drive at least gives you something in it's place. We really need something when the mech isn't active.

If you put Crash Down on F5 and gave us toolbelt skills when it's not active that could really fix alot of issues.


Also every mechanist having the exact same mech in the exact same colour is going to get terribly confusing fast so I hope we get a dye option.



The Mechanist and Mechs in general are a great idea, probably the more interesting e-spec we've seen. There is alot of very good idea's here but just too many limitations.
I mostly see myself just putting on Mechanist with a Rifle, a bunch of signets and just not pressing anything. Just a really easy going low effort build for when you don't want to try too hard

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@Fire Attunement.9835So this will be a very long feedback comment because this is my favourite spec, i paly engie since launch, this is my dream specialization.



-So firstly: I find the mech skills animations very cool. It looks impressive, render well. I am fan of mech skyrocket to sky when leaving.

-Secondly it is really cool that the specialization traits chosen affect what F1-3 mech attacks skills you have. It is 9 specializations traits that can be chosen, so 27 different possibilities!

-Thirdly, the signets also trigger mech attacks so, in fact, it is 10 skills that are realated to mech, which is quite cool because to me it puts the mech even more under spotlight.

-The damage is very cool, and i feel strong with the mech near me helping me slaughtering foes or giving boons.

-Once the mech is lost, it reappear near us, à la ranger pet, so even it is lost it reappears.

-The mech can be named.

-The overall theme of a jade golemancer/mechanist is respected, and the concept and its execution are on the rendez vous.

-The look of the mech itself is very cool. Like some suggested, I know i would like to dye it too, in dark silver and red instead of gold and green.  But that idea of customization, that can even be monetized could also applies to turrets skins, necro minions skins, elementals skins from ele and so on..... like mount skins but for summons used by the players tied to its profession.

-It feels dynamic, fluid, very cool. I fought with specters against a giant veteran karka and it was E P I C.

-The mace skills don't feel slow, so another good point. Even the mech skills attacks skills have to me a correct recharge time apart summon again one.



-The biggest issue to me is the very long cooldown to re-summon mech if dead, wouldn't say make it instaneous, but here is an idea: instead of waiting  90sec, maybe allow player to resummon it when healed? If mech health point > 0 then allow mech to be resummoned! Since the signet heal a lot the golem (+ ~15000 health?) allow the player to use heal signet then resummon golem without any cooldown. The resummoned golem will not be full health anyway so i don't see any issue!

-The second weird thing, and now it is true it bothers me after playing, is the fact that the toolbelt is absent when golem is not summoned. It feel unfinished: Feels like no toolbelt skills have been created for signets and that's why there is no toolbelt. Toolbelt should be brought back and usable when mech isn't here. I am not a programmer and maybe, the toolbelt is the mech skills because of spaghetti code. When compared to ranger, not an issue for them, because they always have a pet, and they have two of them, but here, mechanist have only the mech and if dead, nothing, so it is needed to have toolbelt. Make F1-F2-F3-F4 signet toolbelt and allows other toolbelt skills.

-I am only disapointed by the MACE skills. Indeed, mace 1 is very basic looking, with the teaser image, would be surely better as animation something like bonk with mace then the player touch the foes with a tesla/electric gauntlet. Mace 1 animation is really meh compared to mace 3 which looks fabulous and banger. Mace 2 is already really cool, but imho miss some effects like jade electric arcs/statics.

-Finally, more synergy with other weapons and playstyles aka build. There should be a little effect added to all specialization traits that affects Kits, Turrets and Elixirs. With jade technology, don't see why we can't have "Upgrade the turrets core with jade power circuitry to make them gain boons" or "Effects of elixirs are stronger because of jade diluted in them" or "Your kits received some upgrades are their skills are now faster, torment and grant might" those are just random ideas.

-I would like the Mech name limit increased by 3 letters and to allow use of NUMBERS. I am currently writing in name things like "Mark XVII" whereas i could write Mark 17. So please allow us those.

-I would recommend lowering the timer of "Mech checking if player near it or not", this way the mech will follow us more closely, not waiting that we are far to teleport on us or getting lost. About pathing, maybe allow mech to fly above void to join us.

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The mech and sigils are clearly overtuned in sPvP, but lets ignore this and focus on the design issues.


This spec will not have a lot of build variability as is, for several reasons:


1. Traits

The traits are designed in a way that you rarely ever want to mix and match. Only offering 3 traits would have barely made a difference compared to the current 1-1-1/2-2-2/3-3-3 design that leaves little space for customization.


2. Golem stats

Since the golem is taking a percentage of your stats, you can never run a golem that does something else than you are doing.


3. Utilities

All core utilities are designed around the combined effect of the regular and toolbelt ability. All of them are nerfed to varying degree by the removal of the toolbelt. Some of the core utilities will be viable regardless, but others wont. Since signets are designed around not having a toolbelt, they have a significant edge and may be prevalent in the end. (With the current numbers they absolutely will be.)


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I do not like it (animations and theme is neat tho)

The spec seems fundamentaly flawed in design (not to mention the terrible pet AI).
Feels like this is very rushed first draft that could be done in an hour.

- a) add current mech customization power outside of traits (similiar how ranger chose pets)
- b) add options to dye the mech
- c) add A LOT of more mech customization. Lets say a mech has basic AA, 2 weapon skills  and 3 active ones. I would love to see at least 5 options for every type (30 customizable skills in total)

- d) unlock weapons (and possibly skill) e-spec restriction

The Warrior E-spec bladesworn feels more engi themed than this tbh)


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Only played it briefly  but overall mechanist is pretty darn fun to play. Definitely the star of the specs for me. The mech animations are really cool. The mech skills are equally awesome.  The signets and active abilities are brilliant too. Also love the mega death lazer beam. Makes me wish catalyst got the same amount of love but oh well. Engi here I come. Good job. 


In regards to changes, I agree that bringing tool belt skills back would be a welcome. Mech ai needs a bit of work too but thats understandable. Overall, I'm not sure what could be improved. Being able to change the mech color would be sick but obviously not an issue and is more of a request.



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There are so many places this spec needs tweaks that its hard to make a constructive post.


Biggest issues so far -

1. Tying traits to stats makes ZERO sense. It inherits traits from the Engineer so why not let you mix and match traits with your gear? You will NEVER use power gear but select condition traits because of the inheritance so this seems like its needlessly restrictive in terms of builds. (The fact that ANet realized tying traits to stats was a bad idea like eight years ago when they revamped the trait system and yet still brought it back here is just mind blowing.)

2. Why do only three traits have additional synergy? This makes most of them just awful in comparison to those three BUT because of the stat inheritance you will be forced to select poor mech skills in return for simply copying your stats to your mech. 

3. Losing toolbelt skills when our current utilities have a lot of their 'power points' moved to the toolbelt means a ton of our utilities are unusable on this elite spec.

4. Other traitlines have almost zero synergy with the mech. Explosives requires you take the top grandmaster to have synergy. Alchemy has a single barrier trait that only synergizes if you take the middle master on Mechanist. This is awful for a class that is already sacrificing an entire trait line just for the mech. This thing should tie into EVERY other traitline with deep synergy if its going to cost this much to use.

5. Mech AI is as bad as expected and will kitten this class entirely. It despawns and respawns with the full animation if you go over a steep hill right now. It wont try and maintain range to benefit from the Explosives Aim-Assisted Rocket so that trait is useless (even after you waste it on yourself AND need the mech GM).


At this point I dont see this spec having a use anywhere outside the most casual of PvE. The current numbers wont survive long in sPVP before ANet nerfs it there. In WvW this has to be up there with most useless specs in the game.

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Two current bugs I've found:

1. The jade mech loses its custom name whenever you resummon it.


2. If you go with the top row of traits to focus on condition damage, the mech's blade arm attacks don't put it in the required range for the F2 ability to hit enemies (the static discharge field) - either the field radius needs to be increased or the mech needs to get closer, within actual melee range.

on general feedback:

  1. We really should have access to the toolbelt while the mech is not active.
  2. The tools trait line is mostly useless without toolbelt kills.
  3. The 'tool kit' equipment kit cannot heal the mech with attack 1 chain like it does for turrets, was hoping that would be the case and we could use it to heal the mech but it will remain a useless kit.
  4. All of the mechanist traits need to have some effect on the mechanist him/her self, at least when the mech is not active.  Right now if your mech dies and is on cooldown, you lose basically your entire e-spec trait line.
  5. It seems like we're forced into firearms and explosives for our other two trait lines.  Nothing else is even remotely as useful, especially without the toolbelt skills that many traits buff.
  6. I still think that the mech should summon with F5, and F4 should allow us to 'ride' on the mech's shoulder.
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After some time playing, all my questions from other thread are relevant, so I copy them here:

  1. Why devs say that Mechanist pet is not intended to be permanent, if the entire traitline works only when pet is active and there is no profit from dismissing it?
  2. What engineer gets from this spec when pet is dead or not active, if it replaces toolbelt completely and always?
  3. Why all minor traits are wasted on stat inheritance and basic pet abilities, if they can be integrated into pet baseline, just like with ranger pets?
  4. What even the point of choosing between different stats being inherited if it is already determined by what stats engineer has? Pet can't inherit stats that you don't have and you always want it to inherit stats that you have.
  5. Why devs say that pet is highly customizable, when there is literally no choice in traits, because they have heavy synergy withing same line, but absolutely no synergy between different lines? It is always better to have all condi traits together or all support traits together or all power traits together. There are no reason to combine them.
  6. Is it even okay that pet abilities, which replace toolbelt, are also tied to traits? Isn't it better to tie them as toolbelt skills to Signets, for example, and allow traits to provide something interesting for both pet and engineer? It will allow players to choose what they want more and combine mech commands with regular toolbelt skills.
  7. How devs suppose to create a balance between Signets, which are created and balanced without toolbelt skills, and other Utility skills, which are created and balanced with their associated toolbelt skills in mind? What about majority of utility skills, which are good only with or only because of their toolbelt skills?
  8. Why devs think that "Mechanist will be welcomed to any group", when there is a long history of AI-based specs being not welcomed in any type of group content?

And a new question:
How many years we will need to wait until this spec will be completely reworked to become playable outside of only casual openworld content? For Scrapper it took something like 4 years.

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Mechanist literally just gets one attack skill underwater... "water bombs". You can't summon your mech at all under water, which also means that all your traits are worthless.

Taking this spec into stuff like under water fractal is absolutely unplayable. I kinda expected to get an underwater version of the mech....

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Engi was my first character and I've played since headstart launch.



Mech animations and model look cool

Strong damage from mech

Refreshing take on signets

Feels good in celestial gear in open world



Tools traits don't give recharge on mech skills

Mech AI is poor. I often can't get it to do what I want.

Breakbar feels weak. Even in PvE with PoF mobs and CC it kept breaking easily

Mech traits all come down to second column as those give extra power, condi or support stats. This needs to be changed and give more stats in general baseline and remove stats from this second column

Mace doesn't feel good. The whole weapon feels too weak and not very inspired. I was hoping for something a bit creative like a mid range mace weapon.

Ulti on signet feels extremely weak. It's a dps loss to use it.

Really weak in PvP against good players while utterly crushing not good players with the mech. The mech dies very fast in teamfights and without it the spec is pretty much useless. It's also difficult to build condi cleanse and stabilty into the build.

Loss of toolbelt skills really hits build diversity and makes a lot of skills taken for a powerful toolbelt completely unviable.

Shadowstep signet needs to have mech just shadowstep rather than fly since the flying can take too long and feels unresponsive.

100s mech cooldown on death is far too high


I think mech needs a heal and maybe invuln when player dodges. Breakbar also needs slight buff. Mace needs improvement. Giving engi weapon swap on this spec would feel great. Major master traits need to not give stats to mech since that pretty much defines the playstyle due to stats rather than a cool ability of gameplay style.


On the whole I'm very disappointed by the elite spec and it's not particularly enjoyable either.

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The Mechanist is REALLY just not functioning at all in PvP nor in WvW. 
From a 1v1 POV, NOT WITHSTANDING THAT BEING OUTNUMBERED IS QUITE COMMON, I have found the following to be CRITCAL problems: 

The main problem is that the "break-bar" is stunning the pet sooooooo easily. Someone can put a random chill on it, and it is stunned for 5 seconds only a moment later. 
80s respawn timer on a pet that your entire profession traits are dependent on is absolutely crazy.. Even if it was 40 seconds, if your pet is dead. 
3) PET takes too much damage: 
4) PET DOES way too much damage. 

Please consider removing the break-bar altogether, and perhaps reducing the damage it takes by AoE/cleave by 50% like it is in other MMO's


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you may have seen something like this before, but I will add to it. 


PLEASE! Let the Mechanist RIDE their mech ala like the Raptor, Sprinter and Skimmer, we just need and F5 ability of some kind for it, and I would really like that to be a ride your mech button, maybe when we ride it we can issue attack commands on its back as well ? also, if you were to design skins for the Mech I will be sure to buy some

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  • Wrain.6792 changed the title to I dont even PLAY an engineer and this needs to be fixed anet :( please!

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