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Mechanist Bug Thread

Fire Attunement.9835

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42 minutes ago, SeTect.5918 said:

Renaming the mech works. But if you send it away then and resummon it, you can see that it didnt save the name. Not sure, but i think its a bug.

Has to be a bug, nobody wants to rename their pet every time it's called... right? 🙂

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  • In the UI, Mech Command skills are not properly aligned with each other on the skill bar.
  • Only the second Mech Command skill (F2) shows its numerical cooldown when the respective option is enabled.
  • The Mech "forgets" its name when you change maps.
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Support Golem currently giving infinite might stacks. I love it but obvious bug. Meaning theres no duration on it, it jsut stays.

Just experienced my mech desummoning and not wanting to come back out. Basically just hulk infinity wared me. (This happened in WvW while fighting 2 players on different factions at krait camp.)


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Hello, here are the bugs of my favourite specialization so far:

1-When performing mech command skills (the F1-2-3) sometimes the mech is stuck in the animation and keeps its arms toward the sky, or keep its arms rotating around it.... instead of returning into normal idle/walking animation state.

2-The mech name is RESET when changing specialization traits or after re-summoning it again or changing maps. This is very  annoying.

3-Shift signet doesn't work when moving, i confirm.

4-Sometimes i don't see any projectiles with sky circus, and discharge arraw sometimes execute too early before the mech is on foe resulting in wasted not a lot damage attack.

5-Several times the game tell me i can resummon the mech (big icon not crossed) but then when clicking on it, nothing happens, game doesn't re-summon it on the area I placed the circle attack cursor on. Also, the golem doesn't land where i ask it to land from time to time.

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The player character shouts a lot when the mech is de-summoned or summoned. This gets tiresome when mounted.

The sound effect the character makes when the mech is de-summoned or re-summoned from mounting/dismounting tends to play off to the side or from somewhere between where the mech spawns and the character is, rather than from the characters current location.

Name change on mech cuts out the last letter of the name, no matter how few/many characters are used.

A re-named mech will lose the name change on map change.

A re-named mech will lose the name change when de-summoned/re-summoned.

Mech will sometimes not be re-summoned on dismount when in a narrow area (such as across the water from Lily of the Elon). In this instance, you will be unable to harvest. Moving anywhere where there is enough space, your mech will re-summon and you can harvest again.


Its like every single bug you've ironed out on ranger pets has re-appeared on the mechs. 

Even so, I'm having so much fun. I was laughing out loud quite a lot whilst playing, its just great!

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